art by Lucy Campbell

The intensity of the Mars Pluto that ruled the weekend is fizzling out now, and there are no planetary alignments in the sky right now.  Mercury is retrograde of course, so we are looking back over our shoulder and perhaps seeing things that weren’t done quite right the first time or which might need some re-thinking.  Mercury, planet of the mind, is in its own sign of Gemini now where thinking and communication generally flow freely except for that pesky tendency to overthink a situation and therefore end up in trouble.

The Moon begins the day in Taurus, laying a blanket of peaceful connection with the natural world, harmonizing with Mars and Pluto to bring a soft resolution to any stress.  When the Moon moves into Gemini at 2:47 pm EDT expect things to speed up quite a bit.  With faster mental energies often comes confusion so it will be useful to try to slow your world down if that seems possible. ☀️

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