art by Monique Munoz

There are no exact planetary interactions in the sky today although the stressful opposition from Mars to Pluto is still well within range of causing trouble.  This can be a good thing – one reader wrote of a potential challenging conversation that ended up with a wonderful result!  Mars teaches us to speak our truth, and ideally we are able to resolve any problems which stand in the way.  But not all of us are good at doing this, and then Pluto comes along and makes sure we learn the lesson. 😃

Meanwhile though, with the Moon having left Aries for Taurus there are no planetary bodies in fire signs other than Chiron which is in Mars-ruled Aries, picking at our wounds in these areas.  Fire bestows physical energy – it purifies and endows us with passion and drive and the motivation to achieve our desires. When there is a lack of fire, either in a natal chart or in the current astrological climate, we have to find this drive and passion within ourselves rather than rely on outer influences. Because there’s no fire to fuel our passions, we can sometimes be even more passionate with no real conduit through which they can be expressed.  Mars will move into Leo in a few days – in the meantime, we can call in the element of fire through our conscious attention and use our Will with great intent to help generate some fire within us. 🔥

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