This Solar Eclipse at the Gemini New Moon marks a brand new beginning and a fresh start.  All New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, and a New Moon at the first degree of a sign carries its own signature of a new beginning. Gemini is the sign of awakening the mind: the mental curiosity that takes us into new experiences and new ways of looking at the world.

This New Moon is an eclipse because it occurs near the Nodes of the Moon – in this case it aligns in a tight conjunction with the South Node which represents our past history and karmic ties. The Lunar Nodes give eclipses greater significance since we are confronting and clearing energies that continue to lurk from the past. While we are fostering this new beginning and creating new ideas for the future, something or someone from the past will require our attention. We can’t move forward without integrating these lessons.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, and at the eclipse point the Sun will be in a very tight conjunction to retrograde Mercury.  Retrograde Mercury carries a special potency, and is even more potent when illuminated by the Sun, so all aspects of information and communication are highlighted here – especially the filtering of our experiences through the mind so that we may learn and adapt to this new information.

It doesn’t particularly help that Neptune, in its own sign of Pisces, is locked in a challenging square to the triple conjunction of Mercury, Sun and Moon.  This square aspect can lead to confusion and delusion as well as difficulty focusing or concentrating.  We may feel lethargic and disillusioned, or alternatively we may feel exceptionally idealistic and perhaps a bit naive.  Under this Neptune influence we are wearing beer goggles AND rose colored glasses at a time when the mental influence is critical, so that will take a bit of a dance to remain clear as we shake off the cobwebs and emerge into a new and brilliant intelligence.

The lunar eclipse two weeks ago was at the North Node of the future, which beckons us from beyond, encouraging us to open our minds to all possibilities and find a new way forward.  This eclipse, the second of the pair, is at the South Node of the past to encourage the letting go of something no longer needed.  This has been a theme this year under the change agent of the Saturn/Uranus square, so this little boost will continue that process.  ❤️

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