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We spend much of our lives adding layers to our thoughts, our ideas, our emotions.  Like our closets, we keep adding layers but rarely remove any which is why organization porn is so popular on Instagram.  When we do this emotionally, the clutter can build up to the point where we have no idea what we feel or how we got there.  With our layers of busyness and plans we’ve covered up the original emotional wounds, just like a scab over a wound to the body, but the scab has to fall off sometime so that the wound can heal.

Today and tomorrow a strong square aspect between Mercury (thoughts and communication) to Chiron (wounding and healing) can help us to remove some of the layers that keep us from being able to feel really comfortable in our own skins. The layers of others’ expectations and fears of abandonment.  The layers of insecurity and self-doubt.  The catch is that the only way to peel off those layers is to feel and experience them, and that’s the journey happening right now.  The intense Scorpio Moon can assist in this process, and the Moon is quite active today as it interacts with seven planetary bodies (Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Venus, Sun and Jupiter), digging into the truths of so many layers!  A good day to breathe and let go of the detritus that clutters up the psyche, and maybe the closet too. 😃

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