[art by Celestial Moon Fire Art] For some reason not mysterious given the nature of the post, this never posted and was never sent out to subscribers.  It’s a little late but I wanted it to go out anyway.

This Mercury retrograde has been exceptionally fraught with confusion and uncertainty, for me at least!  We can blame Neptune for that, since Mercury (mind and communication) has been in a square aspect cycle to mystical Neptune  since May 22, 2021.  Neptune has been virtually stationary for several months due to its retrograde turn on June 25th.  It’s tempting to try to gain control of situations in chaos, but the Neptune lesson is to let go and allow our life to unfold rather than try to control the details that may seem to be falling apart.  Neptune will remain stationary for the next month or so, meaning we will remain under its tutelage for some time, but in the meanwhile Mercury will be moving out of range of its fog and some level of clarity will resume.

We’ve been talking about how Mars (action) has activated the challenging square from Saturn to Uranus – the story of change which is the story of 2021 – and over the next few days Venus will soothe the rough edges wrought by Mars as it interacts with first Saturn today and then Uranus tomorrow.  Venus aspects are usually mild and serve to bring a touch of peace and beauty into a situation – something which is sorely needed right now!  Today and tomorrow are good days to focus on the things that are good and lovely in our world, and open our eyes to ways in which we can find greater balance and harmony. ❤️


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