Last year there was quite a bit of hysteria as the calendar approached June 6, 2006 or of course 6/6/6. This year the masses appear to be convinced that 7/7/7 will bring astonishing good fortune:

I got a feeling about that day,” he said. “I’ll win over $700. Everything will go people’s way that day. At least hopefully mine.”

Gambles of a different sort will take couples down the aisle. Kathleen Murray, deputy editor of The Knot – – said 38,000 of the company’s members are getting married that day, up from the normal 12,000 for a Saturday in July.

“This is a true phenomenon,” she said. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. Seven has always been considered the luckiest number, and with three sevens in a row brides and grooms feel they’re hitting the jackpot that day.” . . .

The Ritz Carlton Hotel’s Central Park location in New York is offering a July 7 wedding package with a reception for 77, a seven-tier wedding cake, seven Tiffany diamonds for the bride, and a seven-night honeymoon at any Ritz in the world for $77,777.

“The numerology on this day – 7-7-07 – is phenomenal,” he wrote on his Web site. “Seven represents the aura. Three sevens equals 21 (2+13). Three represents the positive mind. Add the 7 p.m. hour and you have four sevens, which equals 28 (2+810). Ten is the radiant body.” . . .

“The number is significant in the Bible because seven represents a covenant,” said Julia Richardson, a spokeswoman for the event, titled The Call. “We feel we want to make a covenant with the Lord to pursue him. Whether it’s 1,000 people or 100,000 people, we feel we can bring about a change through prayer and fasting.”

Numerology is one of the sacred sciences, and Pythagoras called seven a perfect number, combining the quaternity of four with the trinity of three. But the calculation of 7/7/2007 by standard methods is actually five because you would count the whole year of 2007, not just the “07.” Five is the number of conflict in the tarot, and in the Pythagorean system five is represented by the fire element.

In astrology five is represented by the quincunx and quintile aspects. Planets are said to be in a quincunx aspect when they are five signs apart, and the quintile (which I don’t use in my own work) is the “fifth harmonic aspect” or 72 degrees. The quincunx shows conflict that does not result in crisis and subsequent resolution like the square; it requires an adjustment in order for both planets to achieve synthesis.

Enjoy the day, but don’t expect to win the lottery!

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