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Obama, Early and Late Boomers, and Pluto generations

There are two articles in the latest Newsweek magazine that have inspired posts, so you’ll get one tomorrow about the end of the happiness craze. Today, though, I am excited about Jonathan Alter’s article about the battle between the Early Boomers versus the Late Boomers in the battle between Obama and Clinton.

Jill has been […]

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By |2019-11-24T16:37:59-05:00February 7th, 2008|Generations|Comments Off on Obama, Early and Late Boomers, and Pluto generations

The Fifth Sacred Thing and Water Wars

10491447_sIn 1993 Starhawk, an early spokesperson for the neo-pagan movement, wrote a book called The Fifth Sacred Thing.  In this post-apocalyptic novel, set in San Francisco, a theocratic dictatorship has seized all of the assets of the earth: air, food and water, and is the sole source of pharmaceutical antidotes for […]

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