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The Skeptics Challenge: Paul responds

In the year or so that I’ve offered the Skeptics Challenge, Paul is just the second person to participate. He sent me his birth date and time and I sent him a short reading which he has reproduced on his site [note from the future: that site no longer exists]. He conducted a “scientific” experiment where he took the two […]

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By |2022-10-09T13:12:23-04:00February 6th, 2007|Miscellany|Comments Off on The Skeptics Challenge: Paul responds

Some things just work.

Recently these pages witnessed a dramatic debate over whether astrology could be or had been proven in the now defunct Skeptics Challenge. (I learned my lesson – as revealed by a commentator, skeptics don’t have an open mind but require scientific, not experiential, proof.) At any rate, this appeared in our local newspaper column, the People’s Pharmacy: […]

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By |2019-08-26T13:51:14-04:00February 19th, 2007|Astrology, Favorite posts|Comments Off on Some things just work.