Tom Cruise is not having a very good year.  First his wife Katie Holmes left him secretly and suddenly, although not, for many of us, surprisingly.  Now a revealing article in Vanity Fair reveals something that many of us suspected: that Scientology conducted auditions for a mate for Cruise.

Previous articles I have written on Tom Cruise have used a noon chart because a birth time is not known.  Astrodatabank is the scholarly source for astrological data, and their website says, essentially, you might as well use a ouija board than the times that are out there.

The website Astrotheme, which uses a variety of databases to come up with birth data for known personalities, cites a birth time of 3:06 pm for Cruise.  Using this birth time gives us a Scorpio ascendant which is very believable considering Cruise’s fetish for secrecy and power.  However, the birth time is unsupported and where we would expect a significant series of planetary events at a time like that, especially to the angles which are dependent upon an accurate time of birth.  A chart using this birth time does give us a square from Chiron to the ascendant right now which would reflect the wounding to Cruise’s image which is occurring under the intense scrutiny of his life right now.

I also found an unsourced 12:05 pm birthtime out there which provides us with a Virgo ascendant and Gemini on the midheaven.  This birth time, however, offers absolutely no astrological clue to the important events that are occurring now in Cruise’s life. With no source and no planetary impact I am inclined to discard this one completely.

In any event, regardless of birth time, the chart for Tom Cruise has a surprising number of Jupiter transits for someone who is experiencing what appears to be such a terrible year.  (Geeky astrological details: Jupiter conjunct the progressed Moon and squared the progressed Sun, Jupiter trine Saturn and squared Pluto, Jupiter squared the Jupiter/Chiron transit in Cruise’s own chart that necessitates a journey for healing, Jupiter in a trine to the progressed Venus. ) 

When we see so many Jupiter events in a person’s chart there is some kind of unwinding going on.  We tend to think of Jupiter as being a planet that always brings good fortune, and so it does but not always in the way we might imagine.  Jupiter can liberate us from situations that are hampering our ability to grow and evolve, whether we want to be liberated or not.  Hence, Jupiter events are often found in death charts and the charts of divorces, when a parent or spouse dies, or when we lose a job.

When someone lives as buttoned down a life as Tom Cruise has done, the dissolution of the protective wrapper can be a liberation of a sort, even though I’m sure it’s excruciatingly painful for him.  In any case, with Jupiter acting as his Ruling God at the moment, the opportunities for growth right now are everywhere.

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