Thanks to Dharmaruci for posting a link to Nancy’s always excellent political astrology blog. Nancy posts a look ahead for Obama using a birthtime of 1:06 pm that seems to have been quoted originally by Michael Wolfstar as coming from Frances McEvoy. Nancy reports that Obama gave this birthtime at an event. Meanwhile I have written to Frances to see where this came from, but Dharma has done some rectification that seems to indicate that this chart has possibilities.

I posted my own profile of Obama back in January, and sent emails to his campaign requesting his birthtime that sadly received no response. There is a lot of information in a birthtime with only a birth date, but a birth time provides an ascendant and tells us more about the areas of life that are important to the individual.

With a birthtime of 1:06 pm we have a Scorpio ascendant, suggesting an intense personality and a tendency towards secrecy. Often individuals with Scorpio rising appear to be rather intimidating when often they are not – the ascendant shows our disguise, the mask that we wear for others. It also shows the way we process our experiences, which for a Scorpio rising person is through intensity and drama. With this birthtime Obama’s Leo Sun would form a square to the ascendant which would suggest that Obama has difficulty integrating the way people see him with the person that he really is, making it hard to find others who like him for who he is.

This does not ring true for me, as Obama is well-liked and does not at all appear as a Scorpio. The rising sign is usually the easiest sign for an astrologer to guess because it marks the appearance and the personality. On the other hand, the 1:06 pm chart shows Leo on the Midheaven – the sign of royalty on the point of highest aspirations. George Bush has called Obama “The Pope” because of his savior-like image in the Democratic party, something which could be signified by a first house Neptune or Neptune on the ascendant which would require a birth time around noon.

Hopefully soon this mystery will be revealed! Meanwhile if anyone knows more about Obama’s time of birth please be sure to let me know.

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