quickening1The Quickening, by the fabulous Willow Arlenea

Found this on Red Ice: a brilliant homage to Neptune and the path to ecstasy:

Time is now for religion to cease from disparaging Mankind’s humanity. True theology should no longer regard Humankind as perennially deficient and in a permanent state of spiritual shortage, but rather recognize that our plentifulness of naturally human traits are truly signs of our collective spiritual abundance. Religion has indeed initiated society into the Mysteries of God; but time is now for religion to evolve our society into a civilization capable of exposing its own true Godlikeness, a more fully evolved species thoroughly readied and enabled to manifest and reveal its own innate, natural-born Divinity.The mystic transcendence of our mortal limitations into which our religions initiate us is no lonely flight away from the World, nor does it encourage the continued condemnation of the human condition. On the contrary: the transcendent viewpoint bestowed upon those gifted with the theophany of mystic ecstasy provides them the inspiration for a deeper participation in the life of the World– the fostering of a more angelic human species, and the nurturing of the long promised Utopia, the Golden Age that yet awaits the full employment of our deific inventiveness for its future construction. True theology does not disparage the natural World, nor the inclinations to which authentic participation in the life of Nature dispose us. Genuine religious faith makes us better caretakers of the blessings we find everywhere disclosed in the natural World, and allows the Spirit its rightful freedom to partake of the God-given miracles that naturally exude from our healthy human bodies.

Humankind’s natural tendency towards mystic transcendence is not something to be cloistered away in hermitages and chapels. The evolving global civilization will be much better served by the public sacramentalizing of each and every aspect of our common humanity. Each and every object of the material world needs to be rightfully regarded as holy, sacred, sublime. The human body itself needs to be properly esteemed as the crown of God’s creativeness, the foremost instrument of the Spirit’s expression.

Time is now when we must meet ourselves face to face, and see ourselves as we truly are. Time is now for the end of one age and the beginning of another, new evolutionary age. Time is now for the reclaiming of our original nature, our divine heritage and birthright, our true and properly destined stance in the Cosmos. Time is now for God to put on a human face– or rather, time is now that Man’s own countenance should shine with the creative Light of God.

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