futureThe Nodes of the Moon are not planets – they are purely mathematical points that show where the path of the Moon crosses the path of the Sun (called the “ecliptic”).  The North, or ascending, node acts as a signpost to guide us into the future – it points the way for our soul’s evolutionary growth.  The South, or descending, node is a signpost from the past.  Through the South Node we release people, places and things which we carry with us that are no longer needed.

Some traditional and Vedic astrologers see the South Node as being “malefic,” or a “debility” and in fact, the energies around the South Node often hold us back.  They show where we are most comfortable and sometimes they show aspects of past lives which we have brought into this one in order to heal and evolve.

The North and South Nodes are always in opposite signs, reflecting the polarity of the astrological pantheon, and they change signs approximately every eighteen months or so.  On October 9th the mean calculation for the North Node will move from Libra into Virgo.  Some astrologers use the “true node” which will change signs on November 11th

(One of many things astrologers argue over is whether to use the “mean node” or the “true node.”  Steven Forrest has written a perfect article on the nodes which I can’t improve upon for you astrology geeks.)

When the North Node changes signs there is a shift in focus for all humanity, and the North Node moving into Virgo signifies a greater awareness of our responsibility to others, our connection to the food that nourishes us, and the organizational details that are required for life on Planet Earth.  At the same time we are required to move away from the shadow side of Pisces that is often found at the South Node: blind mysticism, self-deception, laziness and complacency.


The North Node acts as a beacon of light, drawing us towards our highest purpose and soul’s destiny.  While it passes through Virgo it may make contact with points in your chart that could trigger events to aid us in our soul’s growth.  This will be especially true on March 9, 2016 when a total solar eclipse activates the nodes, potentially revealing a new pathway to maximize our life progress.

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