When I sat down to write this week’s forecast this came out instead. Thank you for your patience!

I’d like to say a few words about the new virus variant Omicron. There are a lot of astrologers who are making a variety of astrological connections – this is happening because Neptune is in Pisces. It’s because there was a large grouping of planets in one sign last year.  It’s because there’s a fixed star called Omicron Piscium so this must be fate (it turns out there are lots of Omicron stars that have nothing to do with Pisces, it seems to be a designation of a type of star but I hope someone will correct me if this is wrong).

Some astrologers said there was more optimism when Jupiter sneaked into Pisces earlier this year. Now others are saying the virus will be worse when Jupiter re-enters Pisces.  I think we will know more when Jupiter and Neptune conjoin in Pisces in April 2022.  One thing is for sure, the tightened controls (Saturn in Aquarius) that are being implemented now will certainly exacerbate the reactions against them (Uranus in Taurus) under the final phase of the square from Saturn to Uranus later in December.

Even as someone whose religion is astrology, I do not believe that we can tie every little thing to astrological factors. Many of us did predict some kind of virus when Neptune entered Pisces, including me.  The fact that there are natural cycles that are somewhat predictable in the sense that we have some idea of the type of energies we will be dealing with is very comforting.  Knowing that certain things are possible at certain times, for me, gives me greater trust in the flow of life itself.  Life is then not a series of random events that seem to come out of nowhere (although sometimes they do).

In this case, I believe there are larger energies at work. We are at the gateway between two astrological ages, and an old way of life is falling away (Piscean Age) to make way for the new world (Aquarian Age). The events necessitated by this big shift cannot be explained by the fact that Mars conjoined the Moon at the last lunar eclipse, or oh look, there’s a stellium in Aquarius somewhere. I see the virus as an emissary of nature – a plague to readjust a human world that has gone way off kilter, and I don’t see it going away any time soon even though planetary intensity may recede in 2022.  The larger factors are at still at work.

If there was ever a time to incorporate greater physical, spiritual and psychological health into our life this is it. As we approach the end of 2021 many of us look back into the past to assess how we did the past year, and make plans and goals for the future.  Perhaps this year we can take a good look at our lives to see where we can make adjustments in our health that go beyond vaccines. Repair broken relationships. Cut back on sugar. Make meditation a part of our daily routine. Go for a walk in nature every day.  Get better sleep.  Reconnect with ourselves at the deepest level and regain that inner balance so that we can not only survive, but thrive with joy and happiness. ❤️

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