I’m working on a profile of Barack Obama but other obligations are tearing me away from the computer. While you wait, read Phil Brown’s excellent analysis of the Saturn/Uranus opposition that will mark the 2008 elections:

We can already see the 2008 Saturn-Uranus opposition forming politically, or at least the foundation being laid for its later manifestation.

The Saturn-Uranus opposition will be exact on election day, 2008. This is an opposition we experienced, on the Virgo-Pisces axis, in 1920 and again in the mid-1960’s. Alexander Ruperti, in his book Cycles of Becoming, says of the Saturn-Uranus cycle: “Habit patterns will always resist change and when the pressure of some creative challenge is felt, the ego will experience a sense of impending doom, generating fear and resisting change.”

This cycle has a disruptive effect. There is a dependence on the past (Saturn) versus radical transformation (Uranus). The Uranus part of the opposition would destroy that part of the past (Saturn) which is also essential to the future—throwing out the baby with the bathwater. In other words, parts of the past are useful and can be carried into the future, but the Saturn-Uranus opposition wants to overthrow everything and start new. The early 1920’s and mid-1960’s were such times of radical transition and transformation throughout the world.

President Bush’s Iraq “surge” policy is Saturnine. It seeks to preserve (Saturn) whatever is left of his foreign policy. The 2008 election will hinge on the debate between this preservation and a radical change of direction. John McCain, a former Vietnam pilot and POW, has staked his presidential ambitions on the success of the military “surge” being advocated by President Bush. read more…

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