Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow’s new show began on September 9, and if you’re a fan of the truth, no matter what side you’re on, you owe it to herself to check her out.

Twilight has posted a noon chart for Rachel, along with these words of wisdom:

I wonder who’ll be on the political scene in the USA around 10 years from now, say for the elections in 2016 and 2020? One name in the future’s political headlines which wouldn’t surprise me a bit would be Rachel Maddow. She’s 35 now, in ten years she’ll be just about the right age to run as a presidential candidate, or be chosen as VP, having perhaps done a stint in the House or Senate in intervening years.

Rachel’s new TV show, which has all the hallmarks of being “the one to watch” for those keen on politics, was aired for the first time last night. She has been seen fairly regularly on MSNBC all year, doing pundit duty along with Olbermann, Matthews, Buchanan and the rest, as well as presenting a regular radio show on Air America. She strikes me as the type of person for whom US politics is crying out. She oozes confidence, speaks and debates with a no nonsense clarity, clear grasp of issues, but never loses her calm, friendly approach.

What’s most notable about Rachel’s chart to me is the combination of Aries (Chiron, Sun and Venus conjunct in Aries) which is dynamic, inspirational, willful and courageous; Moon and Mercury conjunct in sensitive Pisces, which is empathic and creative but fragile; and Mars conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius – the innovator, the fighter for social justice and equality.   Pluto (power issues) opposes Venus in her chart, and she has no doubt had her share of difficult relationships and partnerships.  It is likely easier for her to make her own way than to partner with another, for business purposes anyway.  This planetary combination signifies relationships that end when they are no longer needed, and it is the Aries nature to make their own way in any event.  A trine (harmonious aspect) from Neptune to her Venus eases the difficulty of the Pluto aspect and shows a romantic idealism that minimizes that Pluto tension.

Saturn is in Gemini and squares Mercury (ruler of Gemini), tying the disappointment and frustration of Saturn to the mental and communication process.  Rachel’s intelligent did not come easy – she had to work hard for it and likely lacked confidence in her early life.  Although she has strong opinions, they are expressed with a solid background of research and information (Saturn/Mercury).

Jupiter and Uranus have both been aspecting Rachel’s progressed Venus, signifying beneficial (Jupiter) and sudden/surprising (Uranus) events through Rachel’s relationships.  Although she has had her own radio show on Air America for quite some time, it was the mentorship of Keith Olbermann that brought her so suddenly into the spotlight.  Jupiter has also been trine Rachel’s progressed Sun this year, allowing her to shine brightly in her new success.  Her good fortune will continue into early next year with a series of minor Jupiter transits that will keep the gods smiling on her.

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