Sean Young is almost as well known for her rebellious behavior as she is for her acting roles. In 1987 she annoyed Oliver Stone so badly during the filming of Wall Street that he wrapped up her filming early. In 1988 a relationship with co-star James Woods turned into a disaster when he sued her for harassment after, according to her, she rebuffed his advances.

It would be kind to say that James Woods is known for his own eccentric behavior, and the case was allegedly settled with Woods’ payment of a quarter million dollars. But Sean Young’s reputation in Hollywood was established as a troublemaker, and in 2006 she lived up to this reputation once again by crashing the Vanity Fair Oscar party and was bounced out the back door. Saturday night she was tossed out of the Directors Guild of America awards for heckling director Julian Schnabel and she has now entered rehab for alcohol addiction.

Sean’s astrological chart shows that both her Sun and Mars are in the intensely emotional sign of Scorpio. Scorpio is well-known for its tendency towards emotional access and drama, and for a smoldering passion that defines nearly everything that they do. Mars is the planet that defines our drive and desires, and in Scorpio Mars becomes particularly passionate and driven. This is exacerbated by a square in her chart of Mars to Uranus, the planet of radical revolution and change. This combination of Mars and Uranus is explosive and suggests a personality that is prone to outbursts of anger and extreme rebellion.

Over the past couple of years the planets Saturn and Neptune have transited over that sensitive point in her chart, first Saturn back in the fall of 2006 and into 2007, and then Neptune in 2007 and now in 2008. When Saturn transits our Mars it often brings frustration and depression as Saturn’s influence of restriction and limitation blocks all of our efforts. Neptune’s effect is more subtle but no less difficult; it causes confusion and a desire to escape into an alternative reality. Some of us take this opportunity to pursue goals of spirituality during these times; others turn to drugs and alcohol.


Then last fall Saturn began a square of Mercury in her chart (our thought process) which is square in her birthchart to Pluto (compulsion and obsession). That cycle will continue this year and will likely induce some depression, but could ultimately inspire her to make major changes to her life. While Saturn exerts his dark influence in these difficult cycles, he is also involved in a more beneficial cycle that will help to facilitate these changes and offer her more structure in her life to be able to reach her goals.

Sean Young is a powerful woman, and hopefully she will overcome these obstacles!


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