The New Moon in Leo takes place on August 12, just in time for the Perseid meteor showers! The darkness of the sky at the time of the New Moon will help make the meteors easier to see as they fly across the sky.

Remember that New Moons are times of new beginnings, when the Sun and Moon are conjunct and the conscious mind (Sun) and emotions (Moon) are in alignment. There is a great deal of power in the New Moon and this one is particularly strong since it is exactly opposite Neptune in Aquarius.

The New Moon in Leo is a time to take an active interest in expressing the Self in a creative and powerful new way. This is not a time to be shy or restrained – the Leo New Moon demands complete and full expression of the unique attributes of a healthy ego. On the spiritual path we are often taught to destroy the ego and become selfless. This is the voice of Neptune, and with the opposition of Neptune to the New Moon we find ourselves exploring a balance between the death of Self and the celebration of our own uniqueness as special beings of creation that Leo teaches.

The addition of Neptune adds a yearning for oneness, a longing to experience the divine. We do this in many ways: through meditation, church, music, artistic creativity, connection with a loved ones, or a walk through the woods. When the New Moon is opposed by Neptune, the doorways between worlds grow thin and we are able to move more freely between them. Romance and creativity are powerful influences now, and we are able to glimpse the Divine in all of our endeavors. Caution must be taken, however, since as with any strong Neptune experience though, there is potential for disillusionment and confusion.

This New Moon also marks the second conjunction of Venus to Saturn as Venus retrogrades back to meet the old guy. Many writers have taken the negative aspects of Saturn’s effect on Venus (bad relationships, need for solitude, insecurity) but we can also look at the softening effect that Venus has on Saturn. Saturn is well-aspected now in a trine to Pluto so we have an opportunity to get the best of what Saturn has to offer: discipline, strategy, responsibility and commitment. Venus lends a hand of grace as we follow Saturn on the path to our goals and aspirations, and Saturn and Venus combined can help to cement our relationships (Venus) into structures (Saturn) that support us in our growth process.

Image: The Dream: In His Sleep He Saw Love, Glory and Wealth Appear to Him by Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, from

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