The New Moon in Leo occured early this morning EDT, last night PDT, beginning a new cycle of creativity and play. Leo is the fun-loving sign of the zodiac, and this New Moon marks a new cycle to offer a respite and a chance to break out of restrictions that we may have been experiencing. In a New Moon the lunar feminine principle is conjunct the solar male principle, the yin and yang are joined and the positive and negative find a way to unite their expression. In the “lunation cycle”, the cycle of the moon phases from new moon to full and back again, the New Moon and the first quarter (seven days after the New Moon) represents a period of action and initiation. In Leo, as we saw in this recent post about the Sun in Leo, there is a tendency towards dramatic and expansive events that stroke the ego.

The Leo New Moon is a good time to celebrate the Self, to indulge oneself in play and pleasure. However, with Venus in Cancer with its focus on nurturing relationships and friendships highlighted now there will also be a sensitivity to the needs of others. Venus is approaching a trine to Jupiter and exactly quincunx (50 degrees) Chiron, showing an expansion (Jupiter) of compassion and desire for alliance (Venus), yet these efforts cannot reach fruition yet (quincunx to Chiron). The quincunx focuses the attention on the problem without offering a release, unlike the square (90 degree) aspect which forces a confrontation and resolution.

While we easily draw others to us now and life is generally flowing in a positive direction, we may find ourselves irritated (quincunx) by difficulties in our ability to balance taking care of others with caring for ourselves. However, the celebratory energy of this Leo New Moon will help to overcome any lingering disturbance.

Saturn is now approaching an opposition to Neptune, the next big planetary event (more soon), and the confusion that results from the tension between Neptune’s urge to dissolve form and the pressure of Saturn to crystallize and solidify is beginning to make itself known. Perhaps during this New Moon we can clarify our intentions and lay the groundwork for successfully navigating the Saturn/Neptune cycle through disciplined planning and hard work (Saturn) that includes time for retreat, meditation, connecting to spirit and recognizing the transitory nature of life (Neptune).

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