Evidently astrologer Joni Patry announced at the UAC conference this week that she had obtained an accurate birthtime from a client who is closely involved in the Obama campaign. According to Eric Francis:

The time is 7:11 pm, and the date (as known previously) Aug. 4, 1961 in Honolulu. The chart gives 14+ Aquarius rising.

Patry told me that since it was obtained from a “private government website,” a copy of the document would not be available. It cannot, therefore, be authenticated and under the Lois Rodden rating system, which sets the industry standard, it is “dirty data” or DD rating because there is not documentation, and there are conflicting times. By contrast, a birth certificate in hand gets an AA rating and “from memory” gets an A rating. DD is the lowest rating.

Sources at the conference told me that people from the late Rodden’s company, Astrodatabank, were working with Patry and others to verify the authenticity of the documentation involved.

The Aquarius ascendant (see new chart) makes a lot more sense than the Scorpio ascendant which has been floating around, and reflects the universal appeal that Obama has. Aquarius is the sign of change – radical, revolutionary, innovative change. No wonder his slogan is “Change we can believe in.” Aquarius desires social justice and liberty and equality for everyone. Moreover, Aquarius tends to be rather impersonal and detached and Obama has developed a reputation for being cool and somewhat aloof, both Aquariuan characteristics.

Obama’s history of reconciliation and compromise, a Libran characteristic, was not reflected in the solar chart using just the birthdate or any of the other birthtimes proposed for him, but this 7:11 pm time shows the Sun at the descendant, the cusp of the seventh house that is ruled by Libra, revealing his focus on relationship building and creating alliances that bridge the gap between different groups that has been the hallmark of his political career so far.

Chiron falls in the first house of this chart, identifying the core wound for Obama as being the development of his identity and personality that resulted from being a biracial child living in a white household with an absent black father. This core wound was the subject of Obama’s book “Dreams from my Father,” in which he explored the issues of race and what it means to be black in America. Chiron opposes Pluto which now falls in the seventh house of relationships, suggesting that his partnerships and alliances will have a transformative (Pluto) effect on him that may at times be painful (Chiron). Traditional astrology would say that Pluto in the seventh house shows danger from open enemies, but the fact that Pluto forms a sextile (harmonious aspect) to Obama’s Venus would tend to minimize that potentiality.

Amplifying this early wound is the tight square of Chiron and Pluto to the Gemini Moon. These three planets form a powerful T-square that puts a lot of stress on the Moon which in the Fourth House yearns to experience a connection with one’s ancestral roots and family, an urge mirrored in Venus which falls in Cancer, associated with the Fourth House.

Still, the inclusion of a Grand Trine involving Chiron, Venus and Neptune reveals again the importance of relationships (Venus) in the process of healing (Chiron) and transcendence (Neptune) that Obama talks about in his speeches. When we see a stressful aspect (the T-square) combined with a harmonious aspect (the Grand Trine), there is tremendous potential for growth and evolution that is motivated by the T-square and facilitated by the Trine.

You can read more about other aspects of Obama’s chart that haven’t changed in this earlier profile.

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