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As Britain deals with Brexit and the departure from the European Union, it is also struggling with the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the royal family.  I am firmly in the camp of Team Meghan, and you can read my profile of her here, and an analysis of the Harry/Meghan relationship here. 

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With Jupiter sitting right on the Midheaven of his chart and his Sagittarius Ascendant conjunct the Galactic Center of transformation Prince William was born to the throne.  However, Neptune on his ascendant suggests that he is not easily known.  Strong Neptune contacts to the Sun or Ascendant often depict an individual who tends to carry the projections of others and what they believe him to be, and this is particular true of famous people and princes. With the Sun conjunct Moon in emotional Cancer he is extremely sensitive, with exceptional importance attached to family and tribe.

The exact conjunction in his chart from Venus (love) to Chiron (wounding and healing) suggests that relationships are painful for him, and it’s well known that Kate Middleton was not his first choice of a bride.  His heart was broken several times before he came to this decision, and the fact that the decision to marry came during his Saturn Return is, in my mind, problematic.  With Sagittarius rising bestowing a craving for adventure, he resisted settling down.  But his Sun/Moon conjunction (New Moon) in family-oriented Cancer sits in his seventh house of partnership, his Mars (drive and desire) is in the relationship sign of Libra, and he was destined for family life and partnership.  Cancer represents not only the family, but a sense of belonging to a tribe and as the scion of the British royal family, that tribe is the entire nation.

At the time Prince William married Catherine Middleton there was a progressed New Moon in the sign of Cancer in his chart (the progressed New Moon occurs when the Moon and Sun align in the progressed chart, the chart of our evolving selves).  This is significant not only because of the significance of the progressed New Moon in denoting a new beginning, but because he also a New Moon in Cancer in the natal chart, in the 7th house of marriage.  This would have cemented his strong desire to bear a family and take his rightful place in the royal family as well.

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Prince Harry is a very different guy.  He has Mars in freedom loving Sagittarius, and Mars conjoins Uranus, planet of rebellion and radical behavior.  In his younger days he was certainly known for wild behavior, but with the Sun in conservative Virgo and pragmatic Capricorn rising, he is more serious and practical than he appears.  His Taurus Moon craves stability and security.  Harry’s chart shows a challenging opposition between Chiron (wounding and healing) and Uranus (electromagnetic energy field).  This aspect is quite common in those born between the mid 1950s and the mid 1980s, but no one else alive today has it.  Individuals with this chart dynamic are typically extremely sensitive energetically and born healers.  They have an ability to transmute energy and tend to operate in this way no matter what their chosen profession.  We can see this in some of Harry’s recent interviews: “It’s really important to speak out. If you keep concerns to yourself for weeks, months or years, they become a real problem. It is not weakness. It is strength to come forward, talk about it and move on.”  This is Chiron speaking.

Harry has long spoken out about the difficulties in being a part of “The Firm” as the royal family of England is sometimes called, and the desire to have a more normal life.  As far back as 2008 he was quoted as saying that his happiest days were when he was in the Army and could live as a regular person.  His progressed Mars (aggression, division) is within minutes of his Capricorn ascendant, and he is likely chafing under the pressure to escape.  Many are blaming Meghan Markle for his desire to exit, but I suspect that he will be quite happy with the decision, for a while at least.  It’s just a feeling, but I suspect that with his earthy triumvirate of Virgo Sun, Capricorn rising and Taurus Moon that he will at some point want to return to the structured life in which he spent his first 35 years.

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