As some of you know, I write an advice column for Innerchange Magazine, and from time to time I will post some of the more interesting questions. Here’s one that came in the other day:

Q: I know a bit about astrology, but have not been able to find a satisfactory explanation of combination of transits that are now occurring in my chart. Neptune is on my ASC and Pluto is on my DSC, in exact opposition. This is a slow-moving influence, and websites call it “generational.” Do you know how this opposition might play out in my life and evolution?

A: While it is true that the opposition from transiting Neptune to natal Pluto is generational, it is still a powerful and life changing event. I disagree with certain astrologers who claim that the “generational” transits are limited in their effect on personal charts. While it is true that these transits are affecting a large group of people at the same time, the effect of the transit is still a powerful one.

That being said, this transit is especially powerful for you because it falls on the angles of your birthchart. Pluto in your chart is “angular”, it lies on the axis of the cusp of the seventh house (the descendant), opposing the ascendant. Pluto deals with issues of power, and on the asc/desc axis these power issues will play out primarily in relationships with others. Therefore, the transit of Neptune over your ascendant will aspect not only Pluto but the asc/desc axis as well. Transits of outer planets over any of the angles tend to produce major shifts in the life of an individual. Neptune transits can be challenging for many, and for you (with both Sun and Mars in Aries) this time may be extremely challenging but with the potential of being very rewarding as well.

Your chart shows a strong Neptunian influence, with Moon conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (opposed by Saturn) and Neptune opposing the Sun. The fact that your Pisces/Neptune influences are opposed by other forces indicates that you may have had difficulty integrating those more subliminal Neptunian influences into your Aries personality and the detachment of your Aquarian ascendant. There is a tremendous creativity in your chart that may be untapped as a result.

The Neptune transit to Pluto and your angles began earlier in the year, but you may know that Neptune is stationary right now exactly affecting your Pluto and angles. You may be feeling a bit confused and perhaps disoriented, but this would be a wonderful opportunity to spend more time indulging your more creative impulses, or spending time in Neptunian pastimes: meditation, listening to music (or better yet, making it), swimming or spending time communing with nature. This transit will likely have the lasting effect of softening and deepening your quest for empowerment and helping you to internalize this urge for power and integrate it in a way that is more productive for you.

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