Valentines day astrologyToday has the potential to be filled with passion and love with Venus still within range of a conjunction to Pluto.  Venus rules our relationships with others and the way that we connect with each other, and Venus is in the exceedingly practical sign of Capricorn right now.   In Capricorn, Venus has the discipline to remember to send flowers, and to organize a beautiful date for the loved one.

Pluto is the planet of intensity and depth, and in combination with Pluto there is often an overwhelming desire to connect more deeply than ever before.  There is a great deal of all kinds of passion floating about, so if there is anger between you and your loved one it is likely to find an outlet under this influence.  This is particularly true because Venus is approaching a challenging aspect to Saturn, the planet of tests and delays.

There will be a lot of romance in the air anyway, though, because the Moon is approaching a conjunction to Neptune that heightens our ability to love and to see the best in those around us.  Neptune is creative and artistic, and inspires us with a sense of longing for a divine connection.  Under this influence we can find the spiritual partnership that underlies the day to day reality of marriage or living together.  Because four planets are in Aquarius now, we also have a greater ability to create interesting new ways to spend Valentine’s Day.

This Aquarian influence offers a positive effect to those of us without partners for whom Valentine’s Day is often an isolating experience.  Aquarius celebrates the individual and the community, and enhances our experience that no matter what our relationship status we are really autonomous beings.

The Moon has just moved into Cancer, the sign of the family and of nurturing those we love.  The Moon will oppose Pluto this morning (EST) and later today it will oppose Venus.  This sets up an astrological environment where we will be predisposed to feel that our own emotional needs (the Moon) are not being met by our loved ones (Venus/Pluto) and we may also feel a bit lonely and isolated (Saturn).  If this occurs, remember it’s the planetary weather and not necessarily your Valentinee!

However you spend Valentine’s Day, I hope you will all be MY valentine as I cherish you all beyond measure.

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