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Venus rules the skies this week.

Venus is the goddess of love and beauty, and her namesake planet presides over all things relating to interpersonal relationships, the force of attraction, aesthetics, values, sensuality, self-indulgence, harmony and balance. As Venus transits through the sky it is barely noticeable to us because it moves so quickly and its effect is so mild.

In its role in the governance of attraction, Venus is involved in matters of wealth and prosperity. Last week Venus made a square to Saturn (exact on the 6th) and the stock market plummeted as investors lost confidence in fears that the recession (Saturn in Virgo/Pluto in Capricorn) had arrived. Still, Venus is in Sagittarius where it bestows confidence, and Pluto is still going through the last degrees of Sagittarius as well.

Yesterday’s sextile of Venus to Chiron was a sweet harmonizing influence that is very beneficial to relationships, but today Venus makes a square to Uranus that is likely to bring about a fierce need for autonomy in relationships and could create disruptions in the financial markets. Ben Bernanke’s speech to the Fed last Thursday is widely supposed to be a harbinger of bad financial news next week. Short-term interest rates are expected to be slashed which will bolster the stock market but create inflation risks that cannot be supported under Saturn in Virgo.

Just as things calm down from the excitement of the Venus/Uranus square, Venus makes a lovely sextile to Neptune on the 16th. Neptune is often referred to (by me, anyway) as the “higher octave of Venus.” Where Venus is associated with personal relationships and affection, Neptune is divine love and compassion. When Venus and Neptune dance together, a flood of creativity and beauty is released and opportunities abound for creativity and imagination. However, this is not an ideal time for business ventures as we are less realistic than usual now.

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