Read some of what Lynn’s clients have to say. 

Lynn Hayes has been a consulting astrologer since the mid-1980s, working with clients to achieve greater self-understanding and empowerment. She uses the birthchart to identify psychological and evolutionary patterns and systems, and then uses a process using a powerful combination of methods including “vision crafting” to permit breakthroughs in all areas of your life and heal old wounds that can prevent you from moving forward. Clients report rapid progress in breaking through areas where they formerly felt “stuck,” and achieving a level of self-understanding not before known. This is why Lynn calls her practice “Astrodynamics.”

While working toward receiving a B.A. in psychology at Indiana University in 1969, Lynn began a lifelong journey of spiritual exploration and healing, studying and practicing the Tarot for enhancing her intuition and learning various types of meditation and healing modalities. In 1980 she began her healing process with psychotherapy and the study of astrology, beginning with a study of the basics with Steven Forrest. She began her astrological consulting practice in 1983. In the mid-1980s she studied the dynamics of affirmation, goal-setting and personal development which brought financial and business success.

In the early 1990s Lynn was motivated by a painful divorce to learn more about relationships in the birthchart. Her study of psychological astrology as taught by the Jungian analysts Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas provided the keys to inner discovery that is now the foundation of Lynn’s readings. Over the next 10 years she developed the Visioncrafting process for overcoming limitations and creating a life of abundance and joy. This process led to Lynn’s finding and marrying Rich, her soulmate, and building their dream house as well as achieving material success in three businesses.

Having manifested all of these goals and approaching her 7th decade, Lynn is in the process of crafting a new vision for the Third Age and updating the Visioncrafting process for the elderly.

In 1991 Lynn began writing the monthly Skywatch column, first for Connexions Magazine and later for Innerchange. Skywatch was one of the first astrological columns which reported the monthly planetary cycles rather than so-called horoscopes for Sun signs. She took Skywatch to the web in 2005 and now writes a daily blog called Astrological Musings.

Her writings have been featured on Beliefnet and Patheos, the largest spiritual websites in the world, as well as the National Ledger and Astroworld websites.  Her article on relationships was published as far away as the United Arab Emirates in the Emirates Woman magazine. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research and the Network of Triangle Astrologers, and has clients all over the world thanks to the magic of the internet.

Lynn’s astrology consultations first delve into the birthchart to discover the power and beauty that lay within, and then discover where conflicts and difficulties may lie. Once these are discovered, the journey begins in a co-creative effort to manifest a life of conscious intention rather than subconscious reaction.


“When I began to study the astrological craft, it was like a new world had opened up: a kaleidoscope of imagery and symbols that continues to unfold with new meaning, offering new wisdom and understanding. Through the magic of synchronicity, the signs and symbols begin to dance and tell an amazing story of an individual life in a way that is meaningful and true and leaves us with an awareness of the underlying universal principle that connects all things with intention and draws us in a neverending spiral towards transformation and growth.”

Letters from actual clients:

“Thank you so very much for talking to me today. I really appreciate that you not only told me the things that you saw in my chart, but also shared ways that I can grow to become more comfortable with the difficult areas of my chart.

While I have done some research and tried to piece things together as well as I could on my own, it was always just that – pieces. Your gift to me was taking those pieces and *connecting* them, in a way that a less experienced person such as myself has not been able to do. I am really amazed right now – when I have done my own chart research, pieces of it always seemed true to me, but it was missing those connections. Once you made those connections, I completely recognized the person who you were describing to me as myself.

You really do this to help people and that was a very special gift that you gave me. I’m so glad that I came across you online!”

Thank you so much for your reading. I received my chart and my cd’s and I listen to the cd’s almost every night before I go to bed. There is so much information there and I want to make sure I really understand everything to be learned.

Your reading was really a life changing experience for me. I was stuck in such a rut and wanting desperately to believe that there is more to life than what I was experiencing! I’ve always felt that the Universe was there with an abundance of riches but I didn’t know how to access it. Everything you need is right there so close you just have to let it touch you!

It’s very affirming to me that I chose you out of all of the teachers or guides (that’s how I think of you) to show me the path to greater understanding. I was told about alot of astrologers, psychics etc. that I should get in touch with I even called a few but I just couldn’t bring myself to set up an appointment for some reason it just didn’t feel right, so I put it off and looked on line at a few astrology web sites to see if I could learn anything helpful and when I got to yours I just knew, you were the one! Now I want to learn everything I can possibly learn not just about me but about the beauty and wonder of the Universe.

I have been to psychologists and psychiatrists on and off for years after my husband comitted suicide, to find hope, meaning, self worth, a sense of belonging and still nothing ever made sense to me, I was really beginning to think that there is something seriously wrong with me because I just couldn’t find where I fit in to the greater scheme of things. If you can’t tell I’m very excited!!!!! Anyway after just 90 mins. with you it made sense.

I know I’ve just scratched the surface, so I will get my questions together and make another appointment with you and take it from there. By the way the birds were singing this morning as I was driving to work, two weeks ago I wouldn’t have noticed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am writing to say thank you — your readings have helped me get through an extremely difficult period in my life!!

When my husband of 27 years walked out unexpectedly, I sought your guidance. My first question was how can you help me bring him back. You read both of our charts and sweetly advised me to move forward. You told me not to look back and you gently encouraged me to start a new life.

A few months later I contacted you again. This time you were more specific, you told me that even though I was feeling devastated and frightened the planets showed that I was about to embark on an incredibly exciting time of change and liberation. You said the planets don’t lie….so I trusted you. AND YOU WERE RIGHT!!

Now almost 2 years later, my life is better than I could have ever dreamed. My husband’s leaving was a gift to me — the gift of freedom….and I am extremely grateful to have YOU in my life. Thank you!!

From a 50-something lady who Trusts the Planets

Thank you Lynn for your reading, I thought a lot about what you have said yesterday and have committed to start a new Vision Questing journal inspired anew to trust in my future my guides and in the universe.

As I said yesterday you had quite a handful to deal with reading for me. You were able to do what I had hoped for which is to actually be there with me and feel your way through what was going on and help me find some light and movement and inspiration to move forward.

You have a wonderful gift.

So again, thank you for your inspiration and good clear guidance. You have helped me this day feel more optimistic to follow my heart into a new wonderful future.

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