Mercury retrogradeIt’s easy to give advice like “don’t plan any trips or start anything new when Mercury is retrograde,” we can’t always put our lives on hold.  I always advise clients who need to begin a new job or start a new endeavor of some kind during Mercury retrograde to go ahead and do it, but expect communication problems or the need to renegotiate during the process.

Take me for example.  I have been renovating a house to sell, and despite my best efforts it was finished right when Mercury turned retrograde. I could wait til Mercury turned direct around Christmas day, but the market would be absolutely dead.  So I bit the bullet and listed it on a day when the Moon was in Cancer, the sign of home and family life, well aspected and not void of course. We had a contract immediately and everything went smoothly until the inspection when the inspector flagged some foundation items. It turned out the inspector was wrong – a Mercury retrograde issue of having to go back and revisit something – and since then everything has been fine and we are closing in a few weeks.  Mercury Rx fears averted!

But not everything goes so smoothly under Mercury Rx.  I also was planning a trip and had intended to wait until after the holidays to book the airfare, but there was a very good price available and only two seats left.  So I booked the flights, and on the Delta website was an offer to get their American Express credit card and get a $200 discount off the flight.  I filled out the application, because $200 is a lot of money, was approved, and tried to book my ticket with the new card.  The new card didn’t work.  To make a long story short, despite calls to both American Express and Delta, not only could I not use the new card but I never got the discount. AE said Delta needed to take care of it, Delta said it was AE’s problem.  This kind of thing is a more typical Mercury retrograde story!

Elsewhere in the news:

  • Republicans are trying to pass a tax bill with Mercury retrograde and it’s not going so well, with lots of RE-visions and RE-negotiations.
  • Al Franken RE-signed and is now being urged to RE-verse his resignation.
  • The FCC voted to end net neutrality, but so far 20 states have sued the FCC to RE-peal the legislation and many more are instituting their own regulations.
  • More men in positions of power were forced to RE-sign because of sexual harrassment and assault.
  • A slush fund to pay off accusers of sexual harrassment was RE-vealed.
  • The power failure at the Atlanta airport stranded thousands of passengers who had to RE-book flights.
  • Elon Musk accidentally shared his personal phone number on Twitter.

Mercury has been retrograde in Sagittarius which yearns to be free to pursue new adventures, in Sagittarius Mercury does not like to have to go back over old territory and re-do things that have already been done, so we tend to be less careful which means more snafus.

Do you have some Mercury Retrograde tales? Please share them in the comments!

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