In astrological language, the powerful planetary cycle involving a challenging square between Uranus and Pluto is culminating this week.  The fact that Mars is involved, needling Uranus into explosions where restriction has become untenable, and pressuring Pluto to effect its destructive influence and clear the decks completely, makes this week even more intense.

This is the first Uranus/Pluto event since the cycle began in 2011 when the planets came within a degree of the exact alignment, in which neither of the two planets are retrograde.  Retrograde planets tend to operate on a more internal level – they encourage us to look back into the past and re-visit experiences that need to be changed or altered for a more effective future.

The retrograde pattern has been a dance throughout the entire cycle, with Pluto retrograde alternating with Uranus retrograde.  In 2011 when Uranus and Pluto came within a degree of their exact square, they were both retrograde and there was an implosion of sorts as Uranus inspired a breaking out of the desire for liberation, and Pluto turned our attention inwards to the power of transformation within us.  From that point on, the alternating cycle meant that the focus of change shifted continually from our inner worlds to the outer manifestation of reality.  (During the first exact alignment in June 2012, Pluto was retrograde. In the second alignment in September 2012, Uranus was retrograde. In May 2013, Pluto was retrograde. In November 2013 Uranus was retrograde. in April 2014 Pluto was retrograde.)

There is a symbolic finality to the fact that the final alignment between these two giants includes both planets in direct motion – neither retrograde looking back at the past.  The vortex of the transformation of the past four years is behind us, but that does not mean that the change is complete.  In order for complete transformation to occur, there is first a breakdown phase followed by a rebuilding phase.

Many of us are still stunned by the intensity of what we have experienced during this period, and for some it will be a challenge to shed our old skins and awaken to the fact that we are in a brand new reality.  The old rules no longer apply, but the past is gone and no longer an option.   When we look back at periods of cataclysm in our life, we nearly always can recognize the great gift that these transformations offer us if we are paying attention.

Let us rejoice in the fact that we are guided by light, and every moment offers a new opportunity to experience the joy and bliss that comes from the divine spark inside each and everyone of us.

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