Saturn mentorThis question came up recently and I wanted to share this discussion with others as well.

Anthony writes:

With Saturn in Scorpio squaring Jupiter in Leo, will that limit and restrict the gifts/opportunities/freedom Leos were to receive from Jupiter? Only manifest opportunities that are “real”/in our best interests? Make us work harder for success?

It especially concerns me with a 9 Leo sun and 17 Taurus moon. Saturn will take its final swipe at my moon as Jupiter lights up my sun the one and only time so I worry about being blocked from taking advantage of the opportunities I was supposed to get. By the time Saturn is out of orb Jupiter will be, too, so looks like I will miss out this time.

I don’t know anything about the rest of Anthony’s chart which could shed more light on his concern over lost opportunities and sense of powerlessness over the ebb and flow of opportunity in one’s life.  The square of Saturn to Jupiter CAN have the effect of limiting Jupiter’s expansion and encourages us to be sure that we are not all just expansion and optimism but also practical and grounded. Squares aren’t inherently “bad” but they are stronger – Saturn squaring Jupiter can be a time of great success because we work hard (Saturn) as well as think positively (Jupiter).

Of course there will be other things going on in his chart at the same time so we can’t really look at this one element and predict what will occur. A lot of it depends on where he is in his life and what he needs in order to learn to grow and become more integrated. But this phrase  troubles me: ” I worry about being blocked from taking advantage of the opportunities I was supposed to get.” The Universe doesn’t work this way – it never blocks us from experiences we are supposed to have. WE sometimes block ourselves, but that is generally a matter of choice. When he says it “looks like I will miss out this time” he is surrendering his own Will to what he perceives of the planetary meanings.

Saturn is not a bad guy who keeps us from getting Jupiter’s gifts. Saturn is the teacher who wants to make sure that you don’t blow your audition with Juillard by becoming overconfident.  Saturn can point the way to finding enduring success when Jupiter opens the doors of opportunity.  Saturn is a mentor who will point out your flaws so that they can be improved and perfected.  It is really only then that we can take the fullest advantage of Jupiter’s gifts.

I strongly encourage everyone to make friends with Saturn.  He is a powerful ally and a crucial part of our personal development.  You can learn more about Saturn’s beneficence here or listen to my radio show called “Saturn, Beast and Prince” right here.


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