We are currently experiencing the second phase of the Jupiter/Saturn cycle, an event which will conclude in September. Jupiter represents expansion, freedom, our search for meaning; Saturn rules conventional morality, social and governmental structures. Over the past week as reported below, Mars (warfare, aggression) joined with Saturn where it created irritations and challenged the established power structures. Because of the square between Jupiter and Saturn, Mars made a square to Jupiter as well. The aggression of Mars is expanded by Jupiter, and Mars in Leo is particularly expressive and dramatic.

The operation of the system formed now by these planets can be symbolized in the middle east: the Hamas party in Gaza (Mars), creates warfare against the established power structure of the Israelis (Saturn) which is resisting the efforts of Hamas to assert its dominance in the region. Hamas receives inspiration and support from Iran (Jupiter) who goads Hamas into greater violence against the common enemy. Consequently Israel and its ally the US (Saturn) places greater restrictions on Iran (Jupiter). The combination of these three planets makes for a combustible mix.

Of course Chiron (wounding and healing) is still within range of its dance with Saturn and therefore also opposing Mars over the past week; forcing to a head issues which may have been dormant. During this period North Korea came back into the picture, bringing with it fears of nuclear crisis and the activation of the US Missile Defense System.

The change of direction last week of Uranus, ruling unexpected and sudden changes as well as radical and revolutionary thought, has brought with it an increase in radical expressions across the world.

  • Chaos ensued last week when the Episcopal Church elected a female presiding bishop.
  • Hamas militants killed two Israeli soldiers yesterday and kidnapped a third.
  • A strike in Oaxaca Mexico evolved into a massive movement to oust the sitting governor.
  • Iran remained defiant on its right to continue its nuclear ambitions, despite recent indications of willingness to negotiate.
  • Islamic militants are imposing (Saturn) moral codes (Jupiter) with renewed vigor in Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan.

But the news is not all bad, and it’s not unusual for new democracies (also ruled by Uranus) to take hold during Uranus retrograde periods. Last week in Mauritania a new constitution was approved by the first national vote since a military takeover last summer, and Italians began voting today on massive constitutional reforms in that country.

We knew that June would be a stressful month, but we should see some respite over the next week until Mercury turns retrograde on July 4 and Mars moves into position to tango with Neptune.

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