Chiron ReturnArt borrowed from the New Moon JournalIt’s good to see Huffington Post carrying some serious astrology articles like this one (not that our friend Michael Lutin, HuffPo’s usual astrological source, isn’t serious although he is quite entertaining).

Astrologer Virginia Bell has a good article on the Chiron Return as the turning point at age 50 (technically the Chiron Return occurs at age 51, but let’s not quibble).  I particularly love this paragraph:

At our Chiron Return we have the power to change our story and it is not unusual for our life to take off in a new direction. The period leading up to the Chiron Return, in our late forties, is significant as ideas, plans, and projects are seeded at this time. Located between the orbit of Saturn and Uranus, Chiron is frequently described as a bridge. Often a teacher or mentor appears at this time to act as a bridge or catalyst from one life to another.

I wrote about this on my Facebook page – the fact that the role of mentor is an aspect of Chiron that often gets lost when we think of him solely as the Wounded Healer.  I have found that it is not correct that Chiron’s Wound doesn’t heal – as we age, particularly as we age through the Chiron Return, the wounds CAN heal.  As the wounds heal, the energy that they hold are replaced by a wisdom that goes deep into the soul and at that point we may take on the role as teacher or mentor ourselves.

Today is my birthday, and as many of you know I am in the middle of my Saturn Return right now which means that the Sun conjoins Saturn in the sky as it conjoins my own natal Sun/Saturn conjunction, embedding the combination of the Sun and Saturn in my Solar Return chart.  This suggests there is a years of hard work and productivity ahead and that has certainly been the focus of my life for the past two weeks.

Chiron serves as the bridge from the discipline and structure of Saturn to the transformational outer planets and assists in the healing and evolution of the soul.  It’s great to see him getting some good press in the mainstream media!  Thanks to the Astrococktail news service for the article link.


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