The Connecticut Senatorial race is one of the most contentious and therefore the most interesting. Longtime senator Joe Lieberman, having lost the Democratic primary to Ned Lamont due to his support of the Iraq war, is running as an Independent. Alan Schlesinger is the Republican challenger. Let’s take a look at their birthcharts over the next few days. Today:

Joseph Lieberman has a Pisces Sun and a Gemini Moon, both mutable signs that seek to adapt to the environment around them. He has been known to waffle on positions, such as his stand on affirmative action: In 1995, he came out publicly against affirmative action. In 1996, he supported California’s proposition against affirmative action. In the 2000 campaign he rescinded his support, saying to black voters that he had supported affirmative action and would continue to do so.

Astrodatabank has two birthtimes listed for Joe Lieberman, neither of which is reliable. Consequently, I have used the noon solar chart rather than rely on incorrect information.

His Sun is squared by Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and religion and one’s search for meaning in life. This is a challenging aspect that tends to show an element of arrogance and self-righteousness, someone who always claims to be right and for whom one’s religion or world view is often of paramount importance (President Bush has this also).

Lieberman has an interesting triple conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Uranus all in the stable and grounded sign of Taurus – interesting because Mars and Uranus are aggressive action planets and Saturn and Taurus seek stability. The conjunction of Mars to Uranus creates a restless and potentially reckless need for action, yet in Taurus both of those planets seek stability and serenity. Saturn tends to be conservative and likes rules and established order, and when conjunct Mars and Uranus it tends to put the brakes on everything the individual attempts to do. There is a push/pull here between the conservatism of Taurus and Saturn and the radical aggression of Mars/Uranus.

Lieberman’s Venus, showing the way he relates to others, is in the radically independent and rational sign of Aquarius as is his Mercury. This tells us that Lieberman is a rational thinker and a true maverick. Mercury/Venus in Aquarius thinks for himself and is comfortable walking his own path, without fear of losing friends (Venus in Aquarius can be detached and remote). Yet the conjunction of Venus to Mercury shows that he is able to express himself well and be heard by those listening.

Chiron is conjunct Pluto in his chart, and both are retrograde. Chiron shows where we are likely to come face to face with the demons of our old wounds, and the conjunction with Pluto forces him to unflinchingly confront those demons head-on. This can be very painful for a young person, but over time the individual becomes more comfortable with the process and develops a deep courage that serves him well. This conjunction of Pluto and Chiron is opposite the Venus/Mercury system, creating a stew of difficult relationships (Venus) that tend to force him to confront his inner demons. He walks a tightrope between the intensity of his feelings in relationships (Chiron/Pluto opposite Venus) and the detachment and need for autonomy of the Aquarius Venus and Mercury.

Joe Lieberman is undergoing some difficult planetary events this year. Numerous transits of Saturn (delays and disappointments) to sensitive points in his chart along with transits of Chiron (exposing our deepest wounds so they can be healed) have brought up issues for him both personally and professionally. Uranus, the planet of radical and unexpected change, has been making a challenging aspect (square) to Jupiter in his chart, facilitating his independent streak and urging him to make radical changes (such as leave his party and run as an independent).
During the period around the election, the Saturn transits intensify with an exact hit of Saturn in square to not only his natal Saturn, a very difficult and disappointing time, but also Mars and Uranus, stifling his ability to act (Mars) and take independent action (Uranus). During the week leading up to the election transiting Mars challenges the sensitive Chiron/Pluto conjunction as well as Venus/Mercury, showing that he will be vulnerable to attack at that time. These are very difficult aspects that indicate his failure to achieve a win in the election on November 7.

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