Astrology Mall

Astrology Mall

How cool is this!!

[S]oon Bangalore will boast of an exclusive supermarket, perhaps the first of its kind in the country [called Star and Planet].

It’ll house soothsayers: astrologers, numerologists, palmists, tarot-card readers, horoscope specialists – all under one roof.

The city will have 10 such supermarkets, the first one opening in J P Nagar by September first week. The supermarket will also have astro-related materials like Rudraksha beads, gems and stones, yantras, puja materials and books relating to astrology.

It is not just about fortune telling. If an astrologer suggests a puja, the supermarket will arrange it for you. The concept is like a multispeciality hospital where all specialists are available under one roof, says promoter Ramesh Tulsian.

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