One of the things we have to look forward to with the entry of Uranus into Aries is a new surge of radical and revolutionary freedom fighters (Uranus) who seek power for the individual (Aries).  The word “anarchy” is derived from the Greek word “anarchos” which means “without rulers,” and “anarchy” is usually defined as “a state of lawlessness resulting from a failure of government.”

When Uranus in Aries brings its freedom fighters to conflict with the concentration of power that Pluto in Capricorn attempts to enforce, you can see what might happen and we’re seeing this now in Egypt.  And now the force of anarchy is taking root in Carrboro North Carolina where my office is located.

Carrboro is well known for being one of the most liberal cities in the US.  It was the first municipality in North Carolina to elect an openly gay mayor, and one of the first communities in the country to pass a resolution against the war in Iraq.  But it’s a big step from progressive politics to anarchy:

Pass any papered utility pole from Carrboro to downtown Chapel Hill, and you’ll see traces of their presence: The anarchists are everywhere.”You cannot avoid us. Even if you don’t like us, you know we’re there because our posters are [expletive] everywhere,” said self-proclaimed anarchist and Carrboro resident Neal Richards. …

“Because we want a society where people solve problems collectively on a grassroots, community level, we take action in ways that reflect that desire,” he said.

Anarchists describe it as “Direct Action.”

Read more here… Nothing says “Aries” better than “direct action.”  Aries after all is ruled by Mars, the god of action and aggressive inspiration.  Aries will add a new level of excitement to the already thrilling disruption of Uranus, and it will be fascinating to see what happens next when Uranus and Pluto face off later this year.

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