You may remember that the Full Moon in Libra on April first included a trine to Pluto, the god of transformation, and I noted in an earlier post that this seemed to have stimulated a new sense of political diplomacy. We also have been seeing a rash of apologies over the past two weeks:

  1. Here in North Carolina, the House of Representatives passed a resolution formally apologizing for slavery and Jim Crow laws.
  2. Also here in North Carolina, the “rogue prosecutor” Mike Nifong apologized to the three Duke Lacrosse players for robbing them of a year of their lives with a baseless criminal prosecution.
  3. Don Imus apologized for being his usual ass*&%$ self.
  4. Paul Wolfowitz has apologized for giving his girlfriend huge raises as part of his employment at the World Bank.
  5. Republican Mike Huckabee suggested that prominent Republican presidential candidates with a history of infidelity should apologize for their treatment of Bill Clinton.
  6. Seven states are considering bills that would permit a physician to apologize to patients without fear of liability.

Apologizing is a Libran trait – it helps to smooth the waters and bring a return of the harmony that Libra so longs for, and the compulsive influence during the Full Moon of Pluto to effect changes is creating dialogue across the country about what kind of apology is sufficient to heal the damage.

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