Saturday is a day to dream and imagine; Sunday grounds us into practical organizational and plans.

Very early Saturday morning EDT, a harmonious sextile from Mercury in Pisces to Pluto peaks and begins to wane as the day goes on.  This is a dreamy aspect which is better for meditation and creativity than attempting to run a marathon or plan something structured.  The Moon is in Sagittarius which does offer some assistance of fire to energize and motivate, but it tends to inspire more philosophical adventures than fuel any kind of intense activity.  This is especially true in the afternoon (EDT) when the Sagittarius Moon squares shadowy and mystical Neptune in Pisces.  We may have lots of big plans (Sagittarius), but Neptune blurs the details and can make it difficult to think clearly for a few hours. This is not a time of great wisdom and practicality, so if a major decision is required better to wait until Saturday if possible.

Sunday, however, is a different story as the Moon slides into Capricorn at 4:12 am.  Capricorn is generally organized and sensible, and the next few days are the best times to formulate a plan and implement the details. Mercury will move into Aries late in the evening on Sunday which will help energize our thinking process to put plans into motion, and to help us prepare for that the Capricorn Moon trines Uranus Sunday evening (EDT), inspiring us to break out of an old routine or pattern of thinking and embrace something completely new.

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