April Elliott Kent has a beautiful article up about this full moon. A tidbit:

This month’s Full Moon chart features Venus, goddess of money and relationships, almost exactly opposed idealistic Neptune and nearing a conjunction with Saturn. If you’ve been struggling financially, or feeling like a failure because the work you love doesn’t pay enough, it may be time to let go of illusions and take a more realistic view of money’s role in your vocational happiness. Take a closer look, too, at your relationships. The dark side of Capricorn’s tenacity is a certain ruthless singlemindedness, and our bonds with others often suffer when we give too much to our work, sacrificing the soft, Cancerian shapes of domestic pleasure. With Venus opposed Neptune and conjunct Saturn, we have the opportunity to recognize which of our relationships were built on shifting, sandy soil and to embrace those that were founded on enduring bedrock.

When the Sun is moving through tender Cancer, we grow nostalgic for childhood summers, ice cream trucks, and the safety of our mother’s protective embrace. But it’s all too easy to stay nestled in her arms for too long instead of venturing out of your shell and tackling the world. At some point, Cancer’s baby must leave the tidepool and learn to fend for herself. Teaching us how to take care of ourselves was dad’s job, and the Capricorn Full Moon reveals how well those lessons were learned. Dad may have been loving, cruel, or absent; successful or a failure. But his example undoubtedly informed your values and visions about your place in the world.

Perhaps like my back yard, your vocational garden has been overrun with a chaotic tangle of weeds, or maybe you’ve been tending the wrong garden altogether. At this Capricorn Full Moon, it’s time to nurture your ambitions just as you nurture your pets, plants, and loved ones. Let us be thankful for the gifts of our Capricornian fathers and honor them by claiming our true vocations and defining our personal visions of success. Let us be frugal stewards of the earth’s bounty and steady friends and lovers upon whom others can rely. And let us tend our gardens well – pulling weeds, clearing away what isn’t needed, and being willing to get our hands dirty.

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