A Full Moon of any kind amps up the lunar energies that stimulate instinctive behavior and connect us more deeply to the realm of emotions and feelings.  A SuperMoon (® Richard Nolle), so called because the Moon is at its closest point (perigee) to the Earth,  amplifies these instinctive connections even more.  Space.com reports that this Full Moon will be the biggest one of the year

Under the influence of Libra we crave balance and equanimity.  Libra is known for being the sign of love and beauty, but these are just the byproducts of the need to achieve a sense of inner harmony.  Love provides comfort and connection with others to find this balance, and beauty helps to soothe jangled nerves.  Under the Full Moon in Libra, with the Sun in Aries,  we are working with the polarity of Self (Aries) vs Connection to others (Libra) and seeking that inner equilibrium that comes when we are in balance between these two opposite forces.  Full Moons always require an integration of opposites, but with the Libra Full Moon,  even more so.

While we strive to find our inner balance point under the Libra Full Moon Mars, planet of aggression and the ruler of Libra’s opposite sign Aries, is locked in a conflicting square to Uranus, planet of radical and rebellious behavior.  This is not a calm or soothing influence – in fact, under this Mars/Uranus combination we may be more inclined to do something impulsive and radical.  With most of us locked up in our homes right now in quarantine, this could be a challenge!  And Jupiter and Pluto are still in tight conjunction for an added boost of intensity.  Under a combination of Jupiter and Pluto it becomes even more important to clarify our intentions (Jupiter) as Pluto gives a boost to whatever we focus on.  Fortunately, Mercury harmonizes with both Jupiter and Pluto to help facilitate this clarity and harmonious aspects from Mars to Chiron and from Venus to Mars help to soothe any nerves that might have become frazzled.

Over the next few days it would be very helpful to try to find some way to experience a bit of freedom – to liberate ourselves even if just for a few hours to try to avoid a more severe reaction from Mars/Uranus.  This will help us to more easily find that balance point of equilibrium and enjoy the peaceful potential of the Libra Moon. ❤️

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