This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, giving us an extra opportunity to explore the brilliance of the higher mind.

Full Moons are times of heightened emotionality, but Aquarius is the sign that is the least comfortable in the realm of feeling. Aquarius is the inventor, the scientist – there can be a disdain for what is perceived as the drama of emotions which makes Aquarius Full Moons particularly interesting.  When the Moon is in Aquarius we seek to elevate our personal feelings and gain greater understanding and perspective – to see the Universe as a whole rather than merely as a sum of its parts.

The Aquarius Moon opposes the Leo Sun in a polarity dance between the solar expression of Self and the more transpersonal and universalist Aquarius influence. Aquarius is ruled by both Saturn and Uranus – In Aquarius we erupt out of the realm of form (Saturn) into something more magical and transformational (Uranus) in order to bear witness to a constantly expanding universe.  All Full Moons require balance and integration, and at the Aquarius Full Moon we can be torn between our small Self and our higher Self – a push and pull that leads ultimately to a harmonious synthesis that encourages the highest expression of our soul in the earthly plane.

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon this year, so we have already begun the process of revolutionizing our consciousness. Now we can complete it. A conjunction of the Sun to Mercury helps us to assimilate and communicate our experiences, and an exact trine from Jupiter to Chiron opens us to greater healing wisdom.

Jupiter is also engaged in a challenging square to Uranus which culminates the day following the Full Moon. This alignment  adds an element of impatience and frustration to the process of change, but with Jupiter and Uranus both being planets of freedom (though they use different expressions to accomplish this goal) a doorway to freeing the soul is opening now. We have only to release the fear of change, and walk through it.

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