The Moon will be full in Aquarius on July 29, with the Moon in opposition to the Leo Sun. Full Moons are oppositions, calling on us to balance two opposing viewpoints. The Leo/Aquarius polarity creates tension between the need to express our own individual ego in a healthy way that celebrates life in a body (Leo) with the urge to express ourselves through a more collective experience (Aquarius). In Leo our experience is extremely personal – like the Sun we are the center of our own Universe. In Aquarius, our experience becomes transpersonal, transcending the individual Ego to align with a larger collective mind and soul. Every sign has a polarity, and no sign is better than another, despite our individual prejudices.

In a Full Moon, the sign that the Moon is in becomes illuminated with the opposite sign playing the shadow. In this Full Moon we are focused on Aquarius and its need to transcend the original ego in order to gain greater wisdom from a more transpersonal source. Mars is approaching a square to Saturn at the time of the Full Moon that could create a certain amount of fear and hesitation and a sense of being blocked from fulfilling the ego’s desires. Saturn is associated with Aquarius as its ancient ruler, and brings with it a strong sense of responsibility to the collective that is meant to overpower the needs of the ego. Yet the modern ruler of Aquarius, Uranus, encourages us to break free of restrictions. This is a sensitive combination of influences that requires a certain amount of detachment to operate successfully. This Full Moon is a time for mindfulness and compassion, as in the words of this Buddhist prayer:

May all beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May all beings not have suffering and the causes of suffering.
May all beings never be without the supreme bliss, free from all suffering.
May all beings live in the great equanimity, free from all attachment and aversion.

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