Aquarius New Moonart by Kagaya.  The Moon is New in Aquarius today, offering up an opportunity to surrender all of the trappings of personality that culminated at the Leo Full Moon two weeks ago and opening up to a more universal perspective.

At the New Moon the energies of the Sun and Moon are fused, linking the solar conscious ego to the instinctive lunar heart of the soul. Conscious and unconscious, exterior and interior – there is a fusion here that provides us with an opportunity for a new beginning in the sign in which the lunation falls.

This New Moon is particularly powerful because of an exact square between the Sun and Moon to the North Node which makes this a bit like an eclipse. The lunar nodes are like signposts to destiny – they suggest events that are fated and point the direction in which our soul needs to travel. When a lunation is in a tight alignment to the nodes it signifies a pivotal point in our life so attention should be paid to any signals that are received at this time.

Aquarius is the inventor, the humanitarian and the scientist.  There is a cold idealism to Aquarius which enables us to look past our individual desires and needs to see the brilliant potential of a broader view. This is not a time when feelings and emotions will be honored – instead the higher mind takes the forefront of human experience.

A challenging square from Mars to Jupiter culminates at the New Moon, activating both planets to greater expression. imaginative force of Mars in Pisces.

The Aquarius New Moon is all about awakening to new realities – letting go of outmoded ideas and philosophies that no longer serve us so that we can gain new understanding and move into a different reality that is more true than our previous one. A conjunction of Mercury to Chiron during the New Moon suggests that we may be more prone to mental exhaustion at this time unless we take care to find rest and rejuvenation as a part of this major restructuring of our energetic pathways.

A square from Venus to Saturn during the New Moon peaks on the 11th and will likely make it somewhat difficult to connect with others during this experience.  There is a desire to connect, but the actual work of finding common ground is more difficult. This is a good time for solitude and inner exploration, or else working on a group level rather than in a one-on-one situation where intimacy is required.

Aquarius opens the doorway to intuition and insight, but this may require some attention and focus on our part.  Quieting the chatter of the lower mind can aid in this process as we allow the New Moon to wash away the past and encourage us to begin anew.

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