This from the New York Times:

DAMASCUS, Syria, July 27 — At the onset of the Lebanese crisis, Arab governments, starting with Saudi Arabia, slammed Hezbollah for recklessly provoking a war, providing what the United States and Israel took as a wink and a nod to continue the fight. The Middle EastNow, with hundreds of Lebanese dead and Hezbollah holding out against the vaunted Israeli military for more than two weeks, the tide of public opinion across the Arab world is surging behind the organization, transforming the Shiite group’s leader, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, into a folk hero and forcing a change in official statements.

…proving once again that the Bush administration just doesn’t get what’s driving the conflict here. In the ongoing square from Jupiter to Saturn, the Bush White House is playing Saturn in its attempt to use its imagined and overestimated power in the world to crush the rebellion in the Arab world against what is seen as the oppression of Israel. Yet Bush continues to speak about the insurgencies in Iraq and Lebanon as the result of the terrorists “hating our freedom.”
These events herald the upcoming Saturn/Neptune opposition, in which the fantasies of Neptune will run up against the hard realities and challenges of Saturn, and the Saturnian quest to build rigid forms of morals and ideas will collide with the Neptunian tendency to create illusion and confusion.

This also illuminates the trend during this heavily retrograde period (now that Mercury has changed direction and is no longer retrograde, we have four planets still appearing to move backwards making it very difficult to achieve any real and lasting results in our endeavors. Israel has retreated from its initial effort to overpower Hezbollah forces and instead is attempting to contain them.

The so-called Bush Doctrine which claimed that establishing a democracy in Iraq would spread a beacon across the Arab world has been made more complicated by the fact that early democratic elections in the Arab states have elected anti-Israel political parties, creating more pressure for serious conflict in the region against Israel. The tide in the US is shifting as well, with an increased Hebollah presence in the US and a 38% increase in the number of Arab Americans in the ten years between 1990 and 2000 it will be more and more difficult to align completely with Israel against the Arab world.

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