eclipseThe Moon is full in Aries tonight at 7:37 pm Eastern, meaning the Moon will be opposite the Libra Sun.  The opposition of the Moon to the Sun indicates a tension between emotion (Moon) and reason (Sun), between conscious thought (Sun and instinctive drives (Moon). The word “tension” is defined as “the state of being stretched tight.”  In the Full Moon (or any other planetary opposition as well) we are being stretched to our outer limits to use all of our resources and gifts as nature intended.  Full Moons can be times of extremes, offering us the opportunity to stretch beyond our normal comfort level. When the Moon is in Aries we long (Moon) to be able to be no less than our complete and absolute selves (Aries) – we long to have our own way, to initiate actions that will effectuate our desires, to fly solo in the direction of our dreams.  This self-oriented positioning is diametrically opposed to the Libra Sun which attempts to create harmony by bringing together opposites and conflicting forces, giving up and compromising in order to bring that sense of harmony into being. The Libra Full Moon is always an interesting event because the Full Moon itself requires that we balance and integrate two opposing forces, and the Libra influence here assists in that integration.  Somehow we must find a way to ensure that we have unfettered access to our own dreams and desires (Aries) while remaining in relationship and finding compromise (Libra).  Rather like the US government over the past week! Although this is an astronomical eclipse, it is a weak one by astrological standards.  Astronomers classify a lunar event as an eclipse when the nodes of the Moon are within 18 degrees of the lunation (the Sun and Moon).  18 degrees is a lot of degrees astrologically where we consider the effect of the planets and luminaries on human behavior.  Generally, anything over 10 degrees is not really considered to have much of an effect.  In tonight’s eclipse the nodes are 13 degrees from the lunation and they are in a different sign altogether, weakening further the eclipse effect. A major factor in the chart for tonight’s Aries Full Moon eclipse is the exact opposition from Mars in Virgo to Neptune in Pisces which will have the effect of clouding our desires and creating the potential for some confusion and misdirection.  Because in the Aries/Libra dynamic we are attempting to find common ground (Libra) while retaining our own individuality (Aries), this confusion could make finding that balance more difficult.  In addition, Uranus (radical change) is now within a degree to an exact square to Pluto, and if this is new to you please read the description of the Uranus/Pluto square in the sidebar.  Tension and the potential for conflict abound – but potential for greater revelations and more permanent integration is also possible here. Eclipses have the effect of unmasking things which have been hidden, and if there is an eclipse effect it will be very helpful in this lunar event.  A square of Jupiter to the Sun and Moon will amplify and expand the effect and grants us the potential for great things if we allow ourselves to expand along with the energetic movement of the lunation.  Jupiter encourages us to open our hearts and minds, and along with this opening comes greater understanding and hopefully, wisdom.

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