Over the past week Mercury has been harmonizing with both Pluto and Mars, facilitating resolution of the anger and breakdowns that erupted with the Sun/Pluto/Mars T-square a week ago. Mercury is the messenger and its presence now in the release of the T-square energy makes it easier to process the information that came out of these critical events. This heightened understanding paves the way for the Full Moon in Aries on the 26th.

The Aries Full Moon opposes the Libra Sun and strives for harmony and balance between individuality (Aries) and the need to compromise (Libra), something which will be easier to achieve with the energy offered by trine of Mercury to Mars. Aries is the sign of new beginnings and inspiration while the Full Moon is the time of culmination and release of energy. That makes this a time of power and generation.

There is still a bit of lingering tension between Venus and Neptune that may entice us into a bit of fantasy and expectations that are unrealistic, but overall this is an energetic lunar event that shines a light into any dark corners and inspires an awakening to new ways of interacting with others that leads to a transformation of our personal relationships and our own self-esteem with the upcoming trine of Venus to Pluto that moves into place in October.

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