The New Moon in Aries today seems to have swept in on a wave of aggression. The other day I posted a roundup of Marsy bloggers, and many of us have been feeling this unrest over the past few days. This New Moon makes an exact trine to Pluto, which frees up the Arian energy and makes it more available.

But there are some larger influences at play here as well: Saturn in Leo is “stationing direct,” meaning it has been traveling retrograde and it’s motion has come to a virtual standstill as it prepares to turn direct on the 19th. When a planet is stationary it’s influence becomes pronounced and “in your face.” I like to compare it to a car with a loud boombox that is parked right outside your house and battering your windows. For someone who is personally affected by a transit of Saturn right now at 18 degrees its effect is particularly powerful as Saturn’s pressure and restrictions force a confrontation for change. Sometimes the combination of a high pressure Saturn with the freed up energy of Mars such as we have with the Aries New Moon trine Pluto can bring about an explosion of aggression. And because Mars is in Pisces where it tends to be more obscure, it is especially important to release all of this energy in a positive way where it can be beneficial rather than destructive.

In addition, Pluto is virtually stationary as it retrogrades back just two degrees before turning direct again this summer. Pluto will travel back and forth over the same two degrees throughout the end of the year before leaving Sagittarius for Capricorn. Again, those of us who are personally affected by Pluto transits right now are getting some serious work done.

The horrific killings on the campus of Virginia Tech yesterday are an isolated event, but I was struck by the timing in tandem with the intensification of energy that so many of us are feeling.
Hopefully they will release the shooter’s name soon so that the astrologers can get to work analyzing the situation.

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