In this week’s video I review the effects of Saturn and Pluto at a standstill as they change direction (Saturn last week and Pluto this week). There is a retrograde update of course, and a heads up for Mercury retrograde which is coming up.  The transcription is below but as always I encourage you to watch the video so you don’t miss the special graphics and charts to clarify some of the points.

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Transcript (roughly edited for readability but not for content.)

Hey everybody, welcome back to my channel. I appreciate your joining me here. And if you’re new, my name is Lynn Hayes. Every Monday I post a video on the astrological influences of the upcoming week so that you have all the information that you need to have a great week. Since the summer we have had up to seven planets retrograde, including Chiron. Now we’ve had that many planets retrograde in the sky before for short periods of time, but I looked way back through the history books and I have not been able to find another time where we had so many planets retrograde five to seven for this longest stretch of time.

It’s very significant. In a year when we already have a conjunction of Saturn to Pluto in Capricorn, something that hasn’t happened since 15 1810 1518. You might remember from your history books, that’s when Martin Luther translated the books of the Bible from Latin into German so that his followers could read the Bible, which was an absolute scandal. And it started the breakdown of the political structures which we’re talking about with Saturn Pluto in Capricorn that continued for centuries to come. And so here we are, again, with Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, in the middle of a virus, a pandemic, and what’s going to happen to our political structures we really don’t know. But I think we’re starting to see that things are changing, they’re evolving. COVID-19 is going to really change everything for quite some time to come.

Last week on September 29, Saturn turned direct meaning it appeared to move forward instead of backwards, and this week, Pluto is going to turn direct. So at that point, we’re going to be down to four retrograde planets, which is a more manageable number. When there’s a lot of retrogrades we tend to feel kind of stuck, the retrograde energy has us tending more to look backwards then to be able to actually move forwards. So with all this retrograde energy, it can be difficult to really move forward and get ourselves out of this morass of anxiety and worry and concern. Saturn is the planet of structure and discipline and hard work. And with Saturn turning direct, we’re going to be able to be more of a partner as we co create our own future. Saturn builds plans, Saturn builds strategies. Saturn doesn’t just inspire us to hope and to dream. We have Jupiter for that. But Saturn is about really making a plan and we’re going to see more of that we’re going to see more details and more structures and more probably following the rules. With Saturn turning direct to move forward, it’s at about 25 degrees Capricorn right now and it’s going to move into Aquarius in December and Jupiter will also be moving into Aquarius at that same time, when those two planets move into Aquarius, there’s going to be a completely new shift of energy, that’s going to mark the beginning of the end of 2020.

But in the meantime, we have Pluto changing direction on October 4. Since Pluto is changing direction, it appears to be at a standstill in the sky. It’s not really moving, it’s been at the same degree for weeks now. And that means it’s very strong. And especially if it’s affecting something in your own chart, you’ll really be able to feel that plutonic intensity and sort of being ground down. I think of the feeling of Pluto as being as if we were a piece of coal that was being pressured and turned into a diamond. There’s that same kind of you know, grinding away anything that’s not serving us. And then what emerges is something that’s very radiant and beautiful, and something that can carry us more effectively into a new future. So Pluto can be scary and hard. But it can also be extremely exhilarating. And with Pluto so strong in the sky right now we’re going to have to let go of any idea that we can control everything in our life. And I’m a big believer in this idea that you can create your own future because we absolutely can. But under the influence of Pluto when Pluto is in charge, there is more of a sense of fate. And so there are things that we’re going to have to let go of, maybe you’re going to lose your job, maybe you’re going to have family members who become sick things can be much more intense with Saturn and Pluto both changing direction.

It kind of brings up the echo of the conjunction when Saturn and Pluto joined up in the sky back in January. And really that started last year in 2019 in the spring, so we’ve been dealing with this compression of stuff And then Pluto for quite some time. With these two planets turning direct moving forward again, there’s going to be a bit of a breath of fresh air, we’ll be able to relax and exhale just a little bit, as things start to move forward. Don’t get too relaxed though, because Mercury is going to be turning retrograde on October 13, which means the so called shadow period is starting. And there’s all kinds of different ways that people calculate the shadows and I’ll leave a link to an article I wrote about that in the description box. For me, I’m more of a practical astrologer. And what seems to work is looking more at when the motion of a planet starts to slow down. When a planet is retrograde, it means that it’s closer to Earth, so its influence is actually stronger. So we really need to pay more attention. If there are contracts we need to sign or agreements that we need to make or difficult conversations that we have to have, we need to pay closer attention.

I’ve been talking about Mars quite a bit in these videos. And in my writings, Mars has been very strong ever since it went into Aries. Mars is the planet of drive and desire and action. When it’s in its own sign of Aries, we have a lot more energy and enthusiasm we can get a lot of things done. But also if there’s some resentment or some tends to come out more strongly and more forcefully. Some of us are very sensitive to anger and rage. And we just want everything to be peaceful. This can be a difficult time. But again, it’s an important time we need all these planetary energies, even the more difficult ones. So Mars continues to be very strong and powerful, and it continues to be bumping up against the three Capricorn planets. Capricorn is about structure and society and doing the right thing and doing what you’re told. And then here comes Mars and says, f you I’m not doing anything that I’m told I have my freedom, I want to do what I need to do what I want to do, so just be prepared more of the same.

Oh, and then I almost forgot there is one more thing which is the final phase of a harmonious sextile from Jupiter to Neptune. My hope was that the harmonious sextile from Jupiter the planet of abundance and good fortune to Neptune the planet of divine love and spiritual compassion. I was hoping that the positive energy that came from this alignment would help to soften the effect of the Saturn Pluto conjunction that didn’t exactly happen. Instead, what we saw was the rapid spread, which we can associate with Jupiter’s expansion of a mysterious virus, which we can associate with Neptune. In any case, we have the final alignment between Jupiter and Neptune this week. And what I do know for sure is when these two planets come together, we have the opportunity to use that energy in our own life, we have the opportunity to be more creative to find a way to go deeper inside for a more connected spiritual experience, we have greater access to our imagination. All of this though, requires our attention to these energies, they’re not just going to hit us over the head.

And now let’s talk about the astrology of the week.  Going back to Mars, Mars is only moving two degrees this week, it just finished a challenging square to Saturn, which is drive and independence against authority. And this week, it’s going to be an a challenging square to Pluto. Pluto is about power as well as transformation and truth. And when Mars is in a challenging aspect to Pluto, there can be power complex, there can be a lot of butting of heads, arguments, battles and fights. This is not a very good week to try to handle very difficult personal situations where you think somebody might get very angry, it may be a time when those things just flare up anyway, but because people are so reactive under this influence, it’s going to be more difficult to find a way through. However, this challenging aspect between Mars and Pluto does provide us with a way to focus our mental energy and the energy of our will to really try to make something happened can be a very empowering time as well as a difficult interpersonal time but just know this aspect is going to last through the whole week and find a way to be able to achieve that inner balance in the midst of all of this kind of churning up.

Starting on Monday October 5., the Moon is going to be in Taurus until it moves into Gemini on Tuesday. With the Moon in Taurus. We do tend to feel more of a desire for peace in the midst Have all this Mars and Pluto and Saturn. Here’s the Taurus Moon and the Moon has to do with our emotions our feelings, I think of the Moon as being the doorway to the soul. With the Moon in Taurus. We’re being drawn deep within into a wellspring of equanimity, a desire for the sensual comforts of life delicious foods, soft fabrics. If it’s cold, it might be a really good time to snuggle by the fire. These very simple pleasures is what Taurus really loves and needs and this can help us to calm our nervous systems and to soothe any jangling of the nerves that have been erupting because of all of this Mars fire everywhere. While the Moon is finishing its trip through Taurus it’s going to be aligning in a harmonious trine: comfortable, joyful.  The Moon is going to trine Pluto where we feel more empowered, where we feel more courageous and the Moon will Trine Saturn which helps to bring us more focus, more of a sense of being grounded into the earth.

On Tuesday at about 12:02am Eastern time, please suggest for your own locality, the Moon moves into Gemini.  With the Moon in Gemini, we’re no longer as concerned with peace and equanimity and just being comfortable, we become much more curious about everything. There is more mental activity, there is more of a desire to learn and to read. And to talk about things ideas become more important. early in the day eastern time, the Moon is going to form a harmonious trine to the Sun. This is a lovely aspect that will last for just a few hours, maybe three, four or five hours. But it helps us to feel more integrated between our emotions and our conscious being which is what’s represented by the Sun. The Moon is also going to form a challenging square to Venus, which is in Virgo. So there may be some interpersonal difficulties as you try to understand what does that person need? And why is it incompatible with how you’re feeling. But again, these are very fleeting aspects they won’t last more than just a few hours.

On Wednesday, October 7, we have a challenging square from Mercury, to Uranus, I think of Uranus as being what I call the higher octave of Mercury, where Mercury represents the lower mind – what we think the way we process information, how we talk to people. Uranus is about the higher mind. It’s about intuition that just comes to us from nowhere, that information that we just channel and we don’t really know where it’s coming from, but we just suddenly know it. So when Mercury is in a challenging square to Uranus, there can be some mental discomfort, there can be a lot of noise in our minds in the mental realm. It can be difficult to have a conversation, nobody’s really listening to each other. And remember Mercury is slowing down. It’s in its so called shadow period as it prepares to make a station before turning retrograde. This whole week has a tendency to be a little bit jangled in terms of communication, it’s going to be very important to take some deep breaths and center and ground before you have any kind of conversation that deals with important information that really needs to be communicated in a clear way. If you find yourself feeling very jangly in your mind, it’s a really good time for meditation. Meditation helps to calm the lower mind helps to connect us to the higher mind. And this is how we can really like the two and use them to impart greater wisdom to those around us. And also to kind of download it for ourselves as well.

On Wednesday, there is a challenging square from the Moon to Neptune that will last only for a few hours. But it can be somewhat confusing. It can also be highly creative, because the Moon is about our feelings. And Neptune inspires us to transcend day to day realities so that we can have an experience that’s more magical. And that’s more spiritual, where we can really connect deeply with spirit. But a square is a challenging aspect that can make these things a little more difficult. It could be a time when we have trouble focusing. For example, it could be a time where that imagination becomes an illusion where we’re over idealistic. I would not recommend Wednesday, October 7 as the best day to make a very difficult decision or to sign any kind of a contract because we are less realistic on that day than we might normally be.

On Thursday, October 8, the Moon is going to move into Cancer at about 11:45am Eastern time. When the Moon moves out of Gemini into Cancer we go from this sort of very active mental state to the heart.  All of a sudden we feel more compassionate, we want to take care of other people. We’re more sensitive, we can be more reactive emotionally, the Moon in Cancer inspires us to be vulnerable to each other and to respect each other’s vulnerabilities. So while the Moon is in the early degrees of Cancer, it’s going to harmonize first with Mercury, and then with Neptune. So when the Moon harmonizes with Mercury, it helps to infuse our thinking with greater sensitivity. And as the Moon harmonizes with Neptune, it expands the heart Even more puts us in touch with our inner spirit. It helps us to be able to expand our idealism, it helps to bestow creativity. So this is a wonderful day of feeling. And just sort of moving through the world is using our intuition and our emotions and our caring for other people.

Friday, October 9 is the exact square between Mars and Pluto that I talked about earlier. So that tendency towards power conflicts and challenges and anger and rage may be more intense on that day. Although really, I think we’re going to kind of feel that building throughout the week with these lovely little breaks from these watery planets that help us to, to flow more easily through these challenges. But on Friday, we do have that exact square from Mars aggression to Pluto. So just be careful on that day as there could be a considerable amount of conflict.

On Saturday, October 10, the Cancer Moon finally starts bumping up against the Capricorn planets. This can be challenging because those Capricorn planets, they’ve been creating a lot of stress. There’s fear in Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. There’s resistance because we have Jupiter there too. With that with its ideological arrogance. And then here we have the sensitive Moon bumping up against all those guys. So that may be a day where you feel a little bit uneasy. early in the day the Moon is going to start with a square to Mars, and then it’s going to start to work its way back through the Capricorn planets. However, we do have a grace card because Venus in Virgo is in a harmonious trine to Uranus on that day, Venus transits last a day, maybe two. So they’re pretty fleeting, a harmonious aspect between Venus to Uranus, helps us to let go of our expectations, Uranus is about liberation and freedom. Venus has to do with our relating to others. That also has to do with because of Venus having to do with money, as well as the things we value then at a 20 4pm.

On Saturday, the Moon moves from Cancer to Leo, every sign change is a big shift. When the Moon goes into Leo all of a sudden, now this can happen in a lot of different ways. We might want more attention, and we might want to be admired for other people. The highest expression of Leo is really to do wonderful things and feel really good about it. That’s really what Leo is all about. It’s a positive expression of the ego. But generally when the Moon is in Leo, people are more open, they’re more optimistic, they might be more social, there’s more of a desire to find joy in life. And that’s going to continue on Sunday, October 11, when we have a square from the Sun to Jupiter square is often to note conflict. But when we’re talking about Jupiter, there’s usually not conflict, but it does expand whatever it is that we’re talking about. A square from the Sun to Jupiter just activates our desire for expansion, our desire for freedom and our desire to be optimistic.

And that takes us to Monday, October 12 when there will be a new video Monday is the day of the last harmonious sextile from Jupiter to Neptune. That would be a wonderful day to plan something creative. So that takes us to the end of the week. I appreciate your being here so much. If you haven’t subscribed, please do click the notification bell so you’ll automatically be notified of new videos and I’ll see you next week.

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