Astrodynamics is an adventure created by Lynn Hayes that combines the guidance of the planets (astro) with a dynamic process of creating and manifesting a new life vision (dynamics), reaching beyond the boundaries of a typical astrological reading into a journey of healing, transformation and empowerment.astrology

The birthchart is a blueprint identifying our gifts, talents and deep-rooted belief systems and psychological patterns. It also reveals the keys to fulfilling our creative potential.  Using this map as a guide, we can learn to embrace those challenges, discover the gifts they offer, and transform them into totems of power. We can also create a new vision for ourselves and learn how to make our dreams come true! Lynn calls this process Visioncrafting and her self-guided workbook is available on Amazon in the US and in Europe.

Browse the pages of this site to learn more about astrology and how it can help you to create effective life changes as well as deepen self-understanding, helping to maximize one’s own unique potential. Don’t miss Astrological Musings, a fascinating look at life through the astrological lens.

To learn more about individual consultations, see what others say about her work, and then browse the Frequently Asked Questions and the readings page of this site. You can also contact Lynn directly for more information.

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