Thanks to the Townleys for this delicious tidbit that comes from Sri Lanka:

It is history how [Ranil Wickremesinghe, prime minister] mislead the public when he signed the surrender agreement better known as the CFA. It took hours for some and days or years for the others to understand the true intentions of the signatories. Now we know that surrender does not tantamount to peace as peace comes essentially with law and order. . . .Ranil did it again when he declared that he has a powerful raja yoga that would bring him back to power during April-May 2007. We didn’t need astrology to dispel his desperate claims to throne. However, the fact that he cannot be the national leader during this time is better known to him. Therefore, it is another case of attempting to mislead the public.

According to Ranil’s horoscope, he doesn’t have any planet exalted or in its own house, necessary for a great horoscope, thereby reducing any chance of the subject attaining greatness. However, Rahu and Ketu are in the same rasi and navamsa respectively giving them the status of power. Apart from these two, the subject has attained a very weak form of gaja-kesari yoga which may bring about prosperity, power, etc. However, the fact that both Moon and Jupiter (the curators of this yoga) are in detrimental rasis ensures that its good effects are reversed. Saturn is also in a rasi detrimental to him and to make things worse, Saturn is in retrograde! Misfortunes of this horoscope continues as Mars is combusted by a strong Sun; another very bad disposition, especially in relation to governance.

I confess I don’t know much of this terminology since it has to do with Vedic astrology of which I know nothing, but I still find it hilarious that a politician has lied about his horoscope in order to gain political power!

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