2012 presidential election predictionsAt the recent United Astrology Conference (to which I was invited to speak, but was unable to attend due to family health emergencies), a panel of esteemed astrologers discussed their predictions regarding the outcome of the 2012 presidential elections.

You can watch the entire presentation here and here (thanks Chris Brennan for the links).  I was interested to see what techniques these astrologers used.  Most of the astrologers on the panel represent one of the more traditional branches of astrology, with Gary Christian practicing Uranian astrology which is a sort of fringe element of astrology that goes back to the early 20th century.

  • Gary Christian, representing Uranian astrology and Cosmobiology.
  • Edith Hathaway, representing Indian or Vedic astrology.
  • Nina Gryphon, representing Medieval and Renaissance astrology.
  • Claude Weiss, representing Modern western astrology.
  • Chris Brennan, representing Hellenistic astrology, on behalf of the writers of the Political Astrology Blog.

Gary Christian used the date for the oath of office and the solstice chart for the Winter Solstice 2012 and inserted the charts for both candidates into these charts.

Edith Hathaway used a variety of Vedic techniques as well as the strength of the ascendant lord (ruler) and the 10th house lord (ruler).  She is suspicious of the official Obama chart but prefers her rectified chart with Cancer rising as opposed to the Aquarius rising chart using the official birth certificate.  (Personally I have a hard time seeing Obama as a sensitive Cancerian ascendant.)

Nina Gryphon uses only the traditional planets.  She used the Aries ingress (spring equinox) chart for the year and location of the election.

Claude Weiss uses transits and progressions, converse progressions, solar returns including progressed solar return as it aspects the chart for the election.

Chris Brennan uses ancient and complex Hellenistic techniques for prediction that are outlined in this article.

Using a variety of techniques, the astrologers universally predicted that Obama would win the 2012 election.

Perpetual contrarian that I am, I have my doubts.  First of all, I have long said that the revolution that is perpetuated by the opening square of the Uranus/Pluto cycle will occur on the right just as it did on the left during the conjunction in the 1960s.

The day of the election the transiting Moon will be in Libra, transiting the Midheaven of the US Sibley chart and both are squared by the transiting Sun. The Sun will be sitting right on the US Jupiter which bodes well for voter turnout. Transiting Uranus is inconjunct the US progressed Sun which suggests an upset.

Most telling, transiting Pluto is tightly quincunx Uranus in the US chart which echoes the theme of a radical change but suggests that there is an impatience (Uranus) that will necessitate a total upheaval (Pluto).  I suspect that the polls will say one thing up until the day of the election, and there will be a reversal on election day.

To me, all of these things signify that the incumbent will not be elected.

Part II here.

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