2012 election astrologyThis is part II of a series, you can catch up on part I here.

There are many different astrological techniques for prediction.  Some are classical, and others are more creative.  When I am looking at relationship charts I will nearly always compare the progressed charts of the two individuals to see what is happening in the relationship at that time.  In an election, a people chooses its governing body and the relationship between them is quite important.

Some of this post may seem excessively geeky to many of my readers and for this I apologize.  When I progress all three charts for election day and compare the candidate charts to the progressed US chart, I get some interesting results.  Obama’s Chiron opposes his Venus, and this wound (Chiron) to his partnerships (Venus) falls right on the US ascendant/descendant axis of self vs. other.  Obama’s progressed Mars falls opposite Venus in the US progressed chart, suggesting a separation of some kind.  The nodes in the two charts are inconjunct each other, suggesting an inability to come together.

Comparing Mitt Romney’s progressed chart to the US progressed chart shows something astonishing: His Sun falls right on the US Midheaven (head of government) within 16 minutes of arc.  Without any other calculation, this would be a very telling factor.  But other factors in the chart are not so clear.  His progressed Moon/Midheaven conjunction forms a square alignment to US progressed Jupiter which suggests to me that he may be overly confident (Jupiter).  His progressed Ascendant will tightly oppose the US Pluto which could suggest a crisis of some sort.  And Chiron in his progressed chart tightly conjoins Saturn, indicating a painful event for all involved.

It’s also important to consider the transits and progressions of the US chart itself as well as the planetary energies that are in force at the time of the election. (Transits occur when planets in the sky form angles to the natal chart, and progressions are represented by the evolution of the natal chart through time.  Both are used in order to forecast events and transitions.)

At the time of the election, the square formation between Uranus and Pluto will still be relatively tight, although Uranus will be moving away from Pluto which will lessen the anxiety of the tension between the past (Pluto in Capricorn) and revolutionary new forces (Uranus in Aries).  Saturn will be in a harmonious trine to Neptune at the end of October, just before the election and this is likely to further soften the rough edges of this year’s planetary problems.

Transiting Jupiter will be moving across the descendant of the US chart beginning in August and will make a second pass just after the election.  Jupiter brings optimism and a general sense of well-being and confidence, and this will affect the kind of partnerships the electorate will choose.  However, transiting Saturn will square the US Pluto between the two Jupiter cycles which is likely to engender some fear and foreboding that could lessen the Jupiterian optimism.

This election will hinge on change and how people feel about it.  Barack Obama was swept in on a wave of hunger for change at the beginning of the opposition from Saturn (the past) to Uranus (the future).  The idea of change has morphed since then, with some fearing the changes that he has brought, and others decrying the tactics that are too much like those of the past.  At this point, neither Obama nor Romney really represent the kind of change and transition that this planetary energy is calling for.

In addition, Mercury stations retrograde on the day of the election which suggests that once again the results of the election will be unclear. Mercury stationed direct (meaning it had already been retrograde and then came to a standstill the day of the election before traveling forward again) on the day of the 2000 election which was hung up by voting machine failures and hanging chads.  During this 2012 election Mercury will be preparing to retrograde and go back over old issues and questions just as the election begins.  Mercury will be in Sagittarius which is associated with the entertainment industry and the court system, which suggests that once again election results could go back to court.  Mercury will be in a square to Neptune for a week or so before and after the election, indicating not only confusion over election localities and voter registration, but also suspected fraud and illegal wranglings.

Most telling, the US progressed Sun will be just entering a challenging square to Uranus in the US chart. which suggests a year or two of even greater tensions than the ones we are seeing now. Uranus represents surprising and even shocking events that shake us out of our complacency and comfort zone, and the outcome of the election will depend upon how willingly Americans are willing to embrace the necessity of change and transition into the 21st century.  From what I can tell, this is not very likely.

It looks likely that once again there will be no clear winner in the 2012 election, but then that is the state of American politics today.

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