astrological adviceIf you have a burning question and need astrological advice here’s where to send it.  Preference will be given for questions that will likely help others as well. 

We are in the process of selling our home and getting ready to downsize now that the children have scattered all over the world.

My questions to you are the following;

1. How can we best find a location for our next abode that will map to our astrological charts? We will not have unlimited funds and are looking for a place where our retirement income will go the farthest. We currently have children all over the world. We are resident in Switzerland, but find it too expensive with a limited retirement income. We would like to be within a short travel distance from our children, so the Med area and even Eastern Europe are not impossible with airfare today. We also have many close friends in England and siblings in the US.

2. How can we choose the best time to relocate? When we sell, we have built 6 months into the sales contract, so we will have sufficient time to both clear out and pack up a large building while choosing our next location.



In today’s world in which people can live anywhere, finding just the right place to settle can be a daunting task. The practice of astrology can be helpful in just about every area of life and every human problem, which is why I’ve revived the advice column – to demonstrate its usefulness and effectiveness.

Still, when searching for the best place to make your home, I always encourage my clients not to rely on astrological factors (such as Astrocartography which maps the natal chart onto a world map) but to use them to add information and perspective. I have had too many clients come to me with stories about relocating to an area recommended by an astrologer only to find they are miserable there. It’s not that the astrology doesn’t work but not only can we not outrun our fate by changing the astrological influence of the location, the simple fact of living on a Jupiter (beneficial) line, for example, won’t change the fact that a location on a Jupiter line happens to be in a community where you can’t find a like-minded community or the kind of climate that fills you with joy.

As an example, the writer of this question has a Jupiter line that runs through Siberia but that may not be a place where she will be happy. But it also runs through the Paris and the Bordeaux area of France as well as Oslo Norway. But are those areas where she would enjoy living? In Switzerland where she lives, and in Germany, Mars and Pluto lines intersect – both considered difficult planets. But that area has probably energized (Mars) her career and created personal transformation (Pluto). I myself live on a Pluto line and have done for the past nearly 40 ::gasp:: years. Two astrologers have told me I should move, but this has been the most transformative place I have ever lived.

This question is too complex to answer in the context of this advice column, which is why I wanted to post it because so many people have this same question. We need to consider the querent’s personal chart, her husband’s chart, the chart of their relationship. We need to analyze timing factors of moving and whether there are planetary cycles that support change or planetary cycles that will make change difficult. Then we would dig into the astrology of different locations and then relocate all of the charts to different areas in order to assess the energies that each individual is likely to experience as well as how the marriage will thrive astrologically.

But the place I always begin is by asking questions. Which areas of the world do you feel drawn to? Where have you felt you would be happy? What kinds of towns, cities or rural areas have the kind of lifestyle that you want? And THEN start applying astrological factors to describe the kinds of experiences you are likely to have in those locations.

I feel it’s important for all of us to learn to trust our intuition. How many times have you said to yourself “I KNEW I should/shouldn’t have done that thing” – we are often given clear instructions from the INSIDE about where to live, what job to take, whether or not to enter into a relationship. Begin with what you WANT from your life, and then consult the astrologer for assistance in timing and supportive environments.

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