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Hey everybody it’s Lynn Hayes here.  Welcome back to my channel.

So, this week I wanted to talk a little bit about Ceres.  Originally when it was first discovered it was called a planet,and then it was demoted to asteroid status for three other asteroids were discovered right after Ceres was and so they were all lumped together with Ceres.  I’ll be talking more about them as time goes on but Ceres, I want to say in 2010 was upgraded to planet status and at that time I started using it more in readings and in forecasting. Ceres has a lot to do with with nutrition and with self care. I think of it as being a planet that is involved in connecting us more fully into our physical incarnation. So that has more of a spiritual quality than just the body.

Cancer and the moon have to do with nutrition and with feeding the soul but Ceres takes a step beyond that. I’ve had clients who have Ceres afflicted in their charts who have had eating disorders and problems taking care of themselves. So there seems to be this quality of self care, whereas the Moon is more about taking care of others – cooking for other people, doing actual active procedures to help people in a variety of ways. That’s more of the Moon in Cancer.  Ceres has more to do with with self care – how we feel about being in a body on planet Earth.

I want to talk a little bit about what’s happening with Ceres right now because there’s actually quite a few planetary configurations that are affecting Ceres, especially this week. So, We have Mars, which is conjunct Ceres right now.  Mars represents a drive, sort of a forceful experience. Mars is in Pisces where of course it’s a little less forceful than it usually is – it’s a more compassionate,  kinder and more gentle Mars, but still Mars has just transited Ceres and most most of us are in quarantine. And we’re all concerned with food and with eating and with cooking, and with how that’s affecting the nourishment of the body and the soul and the spirit. So Ceres is already kind of triggered by that Mars aspect. And then on the 26th, we have Ceres in a harmonious sextile to Uranus which is the planet of innovation and change. And then there’s one other thing –  on the 29th the Sun is going to form a square to Ceres. So all this week Ceres is interacting with a variety of planets.

I feel like at the beginning of quarantine. Many of us got into cooking and we were baking and you can’t find yeast and I think at this point we’ve been in quarantine for two maybe three months. It’s probably getting a little old, I know a lot of people are telling me that they’re eating a lot of cookies and ice cream and a lot of sugar and things that aren’t going to nourish our soul, much less our body, so Ceres is going to call this to our attention this week. This is something that’s likely going to come up. And I feel that right now with the situation with the virus and everything that’s happening we really need to be taking care not only of our physical bodies but also of our emotions and of the soulful experiences that we need as humans in our lifetime. You know, we need to have contact with other people. It can be on zoom, you know, we don’t have to get together in big groups of 100 people at a bar. But we do need to have contact – we need to feel that we are taking care of our soul needs, and still be safe. So this is going to be kind of a challenge.

Ceres and Chiron, the planet of wounding and healing, are in an awkward aspect right now – a 30 degree aspect. Most astrologers have come to call this aspect a semi-sextile, which, in my view, makes no sense.  A sextile is a harmonious aspect, so a semi-sextile seems like it would be a harmonious aspect like a sextile only maybe a little softer, And it’s not that at all – a 30 degree angle aspect occurs when a planet is in one sign and then the other planet is in the sign right next to it. Those two signs, if you look at any two signs in the Zodiac, they don’t understand each other – they don’t get along, they can’t relate to each other, they can’t communicate. So, when two planets are in a 30 degree aspect, especially if it’s exact which is what we have with Chiron and Ceres. They really don’t get along. They don’t argue, they don’t fight, but they can’t communicate. They’re in two different spheres entirely. So this is tricky right now in our situation with the virus. Chiron has to do with you know wounding and healing of the body. It can bring up emotional wounds that can cause us to feel, you know, upset and maybe a bit distraught. And the fact that there’s this awkward aspect this week with Ceres, dealing with nurturing the soul and the physical incarnation,  suggests that this could be a week that’s challenging for this kind of thing.

I’m really recommending for everybody, all my clients and all of you all that this week we really be careful with what we put in our mouth and the kinds of things we think about, and how much news we take in. And what sort of quality that news has. There’s so much anger and rage and frustration out there right now and if you have a steady diet of that, that can also affect us negatively especially this week with these particular planetary transits.  We are particularly sensitive to that.

In other news Mercury, the planet of the mind is going to move into Cancer on the 28th. Mercury has been in Gemini, and we’ve had a lot of Gemini [with Venus and Mars also in Gemini]. So I don’t know about you but my brain is just working overtime.  That’s what Gemini is all about: communication and ideas and learning.  I want to learn this, I want to do this, there’s so much, you know, there’s so much out there,  so many videos right now teaching all kinds of things. It’s a very exciting time for those of us that like to learn, but that can make our brains kind of tired and exhausted.  When Mercury moves into Cancer on the 28th that’s going to have a calming effect. We’re also going to be leaning more towards connecting with our tribe. Cancer is about family, but some for some of us it’s not our family of origin if we’re not connected in that way. With Cancer there is a need to belong to a tribe, a group, you know – a sense of my people, these are my people. So when Mercury goes into Cancer on the 28th we’ll be thinking a lot more about that – who are my people. I’ve been seeing articles about “who’s your quarantine tribe,” which I think is so interesting. Who are the people that are important enough to you that you see them even in quarantine. So that’s going to be even more prevalent now.  Mercury will be going retrograde in a few weeks. And so it’ll start to slow down I want to talk about this whole idea of the shadow and all that. But right now what we need to know is that Mercury is going to be moving into Cancer on the 28th and that’s a really good time to think about maybe, you know, connecting with other people, safely.  And of course Venus is retrograde and Venus retrograde does often put us in touch with people from our past. S

o that’s really about all we have going on this week.  And so I’ll be posting another video on June 1, but Venus will be pretty active on June 2nd and 3rd, those are usually pleasant days where there’s a lot of good feeling and life generally goes pretty smoothly. Then the other thing that’s coming up on that week on June 5 is a lunar eclipse, which is at the Gemini Full Moon, so that’s going to be some exciting news for us to talk about. So I’m going to leave you with that  and I hope you have a wonderful week. If you have questions or anything you’d like me to cover, please leave them in the comments,  please subscribe if you enjoyed this video and thanks for joining me.

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